In, the sea surrounds the island, and a visible barrier stops players from going too far out into the sea. The barrier also surrounds the entire map and it is much darker than the water. Water could also be found in the Conch Bunker as it slightly flooded the bunker making it hard to move about in the bunker. Also in the "Rivers of Sweatbath County" update, the Crossing Bunker was introduced and is also flooded like the Conch Bunker. Huts could also be found on top of the ocean. Rivers also flow across the map.


  • It is not possible to drown in water, but your character will be partially submerged if you go deeper. 
  • When you move in the water, water rings will form behind you. They are white circles that expand before fading away
  • Many have the feeling that there are easter eggs, creatures, and secret loot in the sea, but this is 100% false.
  • Your movement speed decreases when moving in water.
  • If you see a player moving in the water, it is easier to kill them because of the decreased movement speed.
    Desert rain Water
    Normal Map Water