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Top of warehouse

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Bottom of warehouse

The Warehouse is an essential, common Building. It contains 7 Crates, with the one in the middle having a rare chance of being a Soviet Crate. These were the first big buildings existing in the game. Coming out of it, you can get great loot. The layout of the building is quite simple. There are two barrels on opposite ends. Across from the barrels on each end are Green Ammo Crates that do not bounce bullets but can't be shot through (Do note that these can be broken if hit with a Wood Axe/Fire Axe/Katana/Stone Hammer enough times). There are also two in the center, for a total of four Green Ammo Crates. The walls are metal and bounce bullets. Two Warehouses spawn per map. However the Docks contain three Blue Warehouses. There are a total of seven crates per warehouse


Warehouse Map

A Warehouse as seen from the map

Barrels:  They can be shot quickly with an MP220 to hurt enemies coming in (can't see what's inside until it's too late).

Ammo Crates:  If you are at low health or reloading, hide behind the barriers. Destroying the barriers with an axe will give you precious ammo.

Walls:  Taking advantage that they bounce bullets, shoot at an angle to hit your enemy who may be hiding.

Tips: Go in with a rifle / fast shooting gun to deter surprise attacks, and if in solo/duo, Take the crates as quickly as possible to avoid conflict with others and always go for the Soviet crate in the middle first if there is one.

Looting: If you really need to loot the whole warehouse quickly throw a grenade into the center three crates. As the fuse goes down break the two crates on your side of the warehouse and then move through the middle and collect your loot, then break the two other crates. (This strategy also will deter people trying to take the center crates, if they try and. break them they will explode).