The KRISS Vector, known as Vector in-game, is an SMG in added in the v0.3.6 "Three heads are better than one" update on May 10, 2018. The standard 9mm Vector is often found in the Hydra Bunker or more rarely the Storm Bunker in the Hatchet Case, in standard Meteor Crates, or very rarely elsewhere.

The Vector had a .45 ACP variant added in the v0.6.5 "Gunfight at the Deadeye Saloon" event update on November 9, 2018, and is always able to be found on the Desert Map when it is in-game. The .45 ACP Variant can be found in the Saloon, Hatchet Case in Storm Bunker during Desert Events or in Hardstone Boulder.

Screenshot 2018-12-14 at 8.06.29 PM

This survivr managed to get 2 Vector 45s in the Frozen Desert event


A fellow survivr founded a Vector in the conch bunker.

Update Note

"The second largest bunker ever constructed on the island, Hydra bunker is the central subject testing facility for the Poultry Applications and Research on Metabolic Augmentation Initiative. Scientists at this bunker developed the serums responsible for enhancing test subject strength, speed, and pain tolerance. Find Hydra, and you may just find ..."


The Vector can often be found in the innermost room of the Hydra Bunker inside the hydra chest, and it is rarely found as a drop from crates and other containers. It is also common in Airdrops.

This gun uses 9mm (yellow) ammo and spawns with 99 9mm. It has a magazine size of 33, a 1.6 sec. reload, and a 0.038 sec. delay between It is extremely accurate and fires extremely fast, though with a limited range about the length of a 4x Scope screen. The .45 ACP version is identical but does slightly more damage than its 9mm counterpart for an expense of reduced ammo capacity of 25 and a 6 millisecond extra delay.




Swapping To



  • The Vector is a versatile SMG that is well paired with most guns, preferably Shotguns.
  • When using a Vector, use your ammo sparingly. With its fast fire rate, it burns ammo like Dual G18C's. When it is near/end-game, it is best to fire in the open. Try to lure out with your enemies with Frag Grenades.
  • Try to burst fire when your enemies are on the move as this might increase your chance of hits. It also conserves your ammo as compared to full automatic.
  • The Vector is exceedingly useful in close quarters because of how it fires around the speed of Dual G18C's or a MAC-10. This weapon should never be underestimated in close encounters, as it is virtually impossible to dodge the bullets.
  • However, be careful in close range where the walls deflect bullets, like in bunkers, as you might accidentally kill yourself.
  • The Vector serves as a good replacement to shotguns and can be paired with a long-distance or other high-damage gun.
  • This is a great weapon to use as its ammunition is common so it can easily be fed.
    • This weapon does consume a lot of ammo.
    • Having a good-sized backpack to store this quantity of ammo is heavily recommended.
  • Contrary to many people who advise fire discipline, this weapon actually has an insanely fast reload time to go with its fast fire rate; the only actions in the game faster than a Vector's reload are the one-at-a-time reloads of the M870, SPAS-12, and Mosin Nagant. Anytime you stop firing for whatever reason, reload. Also, to contradict the ammo burn, the Vector will usually quickly reward many kills that will help refill this weapon's ammo pool, as 9mm ammo is extremely commonplace, and pretty much everyone is carrying some of it when you reach the top 5% of a round. However, do avoid using this weapon at anything longer than mid-range.
  • This surprisingly is amazing when paired with a BAR M1918 or any other high object damaging gun, because you can take out hiding spots while advancing and then finish them with the vector.


  • This weapon suffers from range issues, its effective range is about as far as a Shotguns's regular extreme range. Stay away from people holding this weapon.
  • Bait them into running out of ammo by various means, including dodging and staying out of it's range.
  • DO NOT directly fight Vector users in close range unless it is absolutely necessary.
    • The only way to counter a Vector in close range is by having a Vector of your own, having a shotgun, or sniper rifle.

Damage for Armors

Body Shots

7.5 No Helmet Level 1 Helmet Level 2 Helmet Level 3 Helmet Leader Helmet
No Vest 7.5 6.9375 6.6 6.2625 5.925
Level 1 Vest 5.625 5.203125 4.95 4.696875 4.44375
Level 2 Vest 4.65 4.30125 4.092 3.88275 3.6735
Level 3 Vest 4.125 3.815625 3.63 3.444375 3.25875


15 No Helmet Level 1 Helmet Level 2 Helmet Level 3 Helmet Leader Helmet
No Vest 15 11.25 9 6.75 4.5
Level 1 Vest 15 11.25 9 6.75 4.5
Level 2 Vest 15 11.25 9 6.75 4.5
Level 3 Vest 15 11.25 9 6.75 4.5


  • Don't go in front of the Vector almost means direct death, since the gun is so accurate, practically all the bullets will hit you with insane fire rate.
  • Don't underestimate the low damage per bullet, as the fire rate and accuracy more than makes up for it.
  • The Vector longer range than a Shotgun, effective in close to mid range, but not effective enough to hit you in long range. The main counter for the Vector is to move around and keep your range, the Vector fires so fast that if you move around, all the bullets will spread and almost none or few of the bullets will hit you
  • The Vector has an extremely short reload, which means that it uses 9mm ammo really fast, so you can deliberately make your enemy repeatedly use their 9mm Ammunition so they can run out of it, when they run out, attack. Be careful though, they might have a already loaded secondary weapon.


The Vector is a rare SMG that spawns mainly in Hatchet Cases in the Hydra Bunker and rarely in the Storm Bunker (10% chance). It also drops in Airdrops, but is a really rarely dropped as normal loot.

Ammo Spawn

The Vector spawns with 2 drops of 49.5x 9mm (99)

Pros and Cons


  • Extremely high fire rate
  • Fast reload time
  • High DPS
  • Extremely accurate
  • Almost no recoil
  • Can kill a survivr in 1 mag if all the bullets hit


  • Low damage
  • Limited range
Holding Vector

A fellow Survivr holding a Vector.



  • The KRISS Vector is a submachine gun designed in 2006 and produced in 2009 by KRISS USA Inc.
    • The Vector is used in Indonesia, Thailand, the Philippines and the United States, but other than those countries, law enforcement and military usage of this weapon is limited.
  • It uses an unconventional recoil mitigation system, where the bolt of the firearm reciprocates downwards and off axis. This downwards motion supposedly "cancels" out the muzzle climb and recoil of the weapon, which may explain its extraordinary in-game accuracy.
  • In-game, the Vector's rate of fire is phenomenally high, spewing over 1500 rounds per minute; while the prototype version of the Vector had a rate of fire of 1500 RPM, the current production model (the one in-game) only has 1200 RPM. This could mean the Vector in-game could be a prototype model, or a production model modified to fire as fast as the prototype.
  • The sprite of the 9mm Vector is correctly drawn with a 33-round 9mm Glock extended magazine, while the .45 ACP version uses the original 25-round .45 ACP magazine.
  • The 9mm Vector icon shows it with a custom Magpul MOE SL Carbine Stock in place of the actual Vector's stock. Adapters exist in real-life that let the Vector take M4 stocks such as this one. The .45 version uses the original stock for the Vector, and also has a new foregrip drawn on the front.
  • It's the first gun to have an alternate variant, as well as a variant that uses a different ammo type. The standard version uses 9mm while the other variant uses .45 ACP.