The Heckler & Koch UMP9 (Universale Maschinenpistole 9mm) or simply, the UMP9 as it is known in-game, is an SMG that uses the 9mm Ammunition and fires in a 3-round burst.




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  • The UMP's high accuracy means that it outperforms most automatic weapons beyond Shotgun range.
  • The UMP's DPS of 129 means that it is still viable in close quarters. This is especially true because a skilled UMP9 user can hide behind cover in between bursts.
  • The UMP9 uses 9mm ammo, giving it a larger and more easily refillable ammo

    A fellow survivr holding the UMP9

    supply than other guns.
    • However, this advantage becomes insignificant in the late game.
  • FAMAS has a much better DPS than the UMP9, but if you prefer to have a faster reload and bigger mag over damage, UMP9 is your gun to keep.
  • This weapon is accurate and steady, boasting the highest damage per round of any 9mm (Yellow) gun. It deals 129 damage per second.


  • In reality, the UMP doesn't have a 3-round burst fire mode; it only has semi-auto, full-auto, or 2-round burst.
  • The real-life UMP was created by HK as a cheaper and more modernized alternative to HK's other submachine gun, the MP5. However, both remain in production.
  • The UMP9 is one of four burst weapons in the game, the others being the FAMAS, M93R, and AN-94.
  • Most UMP9s have a 25 mag capacity, although the mag in the sprite could have 30 rounds. 


  • The UMP9 can quite do a lot of damage if the burst hits, which means that the best way to counter it is to move around, Adrenaline helps. After the bursts come out, dodge and repeat the process. Do keep in mind that if you shoot back, it reduces your movement speed, so shoot, then stop to dodge.

Pros and Cons


  • High damage for a SMG
  • Can be used for long range
  • Short reload time
  • Decent mag size
  • Accurate


  • Burst gun
  • Low DPS
  • Slow fire rate

Damage for Armors

Body Shots

15 No Helmet Level 1 Helmet Level 2 Helmet Level 3 Helmet Leader Helmet
No Vest 15 13.875 13.2 12.525 11.85
Level 1 Vest 11.25 10.40625 9.9 9.39375 8.8875
Level 2 Vest 9.3 8.6025 8.184 7.7655 7.347
Level 3 Vest 8.25 7.63125 7.26 6.88875 6.5175


30 No Helmet Level 1 Helmet Level 2 Helmet Level 3 Helmet Leader Helmet
No Vest 30 22.5 18 13.5 9
Level 1 Vest 30 22.5 18 13.5 9
Level 2 Vest 30 22.5 18 13.5 9
Level 3 Vest 30 22.5 18 13.5 9


The UMP9 is a very common SMG that spawns almost everywhere, in Crates, Buildings, and in Shipping Containers