Toilets is a type of Crate and are found inside of the Outhouse, Barn, Red House, Logging Camp and Mansion and a smaller grey variant can be found in the Police Station's cells and the Crossing Bunker. They can be broken for loot and do not deflect projectiles. They usually drop only medical supplies and have been known to also drop scopes and weapons. A variant of the Toilets have little brown marks inside (probably poop). When broken, you can find weapons, Ammo, packs and armor. The metal toilets however do have the ability to reflect bullets. The toilet that drops the Fire Axe is exclusive to the logging camp, and is a darker gray, somewhat resembling stone.

Screen Shot 2019-01-12 at 6.53.55 PM

The Stone Toilet in the Logging Camp


  • This is by far the strangest crate to exist, which is why many new players ignore it, thinking it's rather a obstacle than a crate.
  • The Stone Toilet found in Woods Mode is just a recolored used toilet that uses the same colors as the Metal Toilet.
  • The "poop" is to the right of the drain in the regular toilet but to the left in the metal variant.