Throwables are a type of item in There are four types of throwables:

Each of these items can be used in various ways. They can be found throughout and on the island in crates, chests, vaults, lockers, ground and toilets, but they are guaranteed loot in a special type of crate, the grenade box, labelled with a picture of a frag grenade.

Frag Tips

  • Loot-throwable-frag
    When throwing a frag, don't let it go immediately. The detonate time for a frag is 4 seconds, so wait for a couple seconds before throwing the grenade. It will give your opponent less time to react and will most likely do more damage
  • Frags can be used in late game. If you are near a hedgehog or another indestructible obstacle, you can throw all of the grenades you have, and hide. Your opponent will not have anywhere to run and you might just get a chicken dinner.
  • Holding a grenade longer than 4 seconds will result in a definite death without sufficient armor.
  • When playing with a coordinated team, suiciding into the last player by walking towards them and holding out the grenade until it explodes in the user's hand will deal massive damage making the player weak or kill him. On top of this, as long as your teammates are still alive, you will only be downed and not killed by the grenade, making this a very effective, a bit slightly risky method.

Smoke Tips

Smokes can be used in two ways: Baiting and Hiding
  • Baiting is for more experienced players, whose opponents may be attracted to smoke, and blatantly shooting into it. But if you are low on health, you can throw a smoke and run away from it.
  • Hiding is simple, all you have to do is throw a lot of smokes (one would be too easy to kill someone in, and hide in the very edge, the least likely place an enemy will shoot).
  • Smokes also do not detonate in a players hand, so you could have one ready to throw at any moment.
  • Don't throw grenades into smoke when people are in there instead, go inside and drop them instead so they won't notice.

MIRV Grenade


These were added in the October 18, 2018 update, "Into the Woods". It was also the first new throwable since February of 2018.

  • When thrown, they explode like a normal Frag Grenade, but they then deploy 4-6 mini "Bomblets". Each Bomblet then explodes in rapid succession, dealing heavy damage.
  • They appear as red grenades when held.



These were added in the update v0.6.9 "Snow-covered Island" on December 19, 2018. It is the first throwable that is not a grenade.

  • They deal little damage, slow enemies briefly, and causes them to drop a random item.
  • They can be "Cooked" or charged to deal more damage and slow for a longer duration.
  • They can be used to make an enemy drop their armor or their gun, allowing you to take them out easier.

Grenade Crate


The Grenade Crate

The Grenade Crate is the main way of getting Frag Grenades, Smoke Grenades, and the MIRV Grenade though not the only way.

Snowball Crate

The Snowball update was added on the v0.6.9 "Snow-covered Island" on December 19, 2018 and was the main way of obtaining the limited time throwable Snowball.