Throwables are a type of Weapon in They occupy the fourth slot in the Player's HUD. There are currently twelve kinds of Throwables: Frag Grenade, Smoke Grenade, MIRV Grenade, Strobe, Iron Bomb, Snowball, Heart Frag, Mine, Water Balloon, Potato (Throwable), Martyrdom (Throwable), Skittrnade, and the Foam Grenade.

List of Throwables

Weapon Image Fuse Time
 (In s)
 (Per Shrapnel)
Frag Grenade
4 125 20 A common Throwable that can be found in many places, such as on the ground or in Grenade Crates. When the cooking time (5 seconds) is over, it explodes and deals massive amounts of damage to nearby enemies, killing unarmored enemies and highly damaging armored ones, and shoots shrapnel across the area. It can be cooked in a player's hand, so if one is careless the grenade may explode in their hand and ultimately kill the thrower.
Smoke Grenade
2.5 0 0 This Throwable cannot be "cooked" in a player's hand. It does no damage, but instead, it creates thick layers of smoke which becomes thicker over time but eventually disappears. When a player is in the smoke, their scope is automatically reduced to 1x, even if they have a higher-level scope.
MIRV Grenade

(1.8 for mini, with a variance of 0.3)

125 Unknown This Throwable was introduced in the "Into the woods" update. This Throwable behaves similarly to the Frag Grenade initially, but after the main Grenade explodes, it splits to 6 smaller Grenades, which deal less damage than the original explosion.
13.5 (2.5 for airstrike) 3 3 (x3) This Throwable was introduced in the "Danger close" update. It cannot be "cooked" in a player's hand. When it is thrown, it summons an Air Strike, which consists of 3 Airplanes (5 if you have the perk Broken Arrow) each dropping 20 Iron Bombs. Soon after the Air Strike, it explodes faintly, dealing very slight damage. It can be thrown indoors, but the Air Strike only occurs outdoors.
Iron Bomb
0.7 (Time dropped from the plane) 40 Per Iron Bomb Unknown The Iron Bomb is an unobtainable Throwable that only appears when it is dropped by planes during an Air Strike.
9999 (5 to hardened) 2 (5 when hardened) This Throwable was introduced in the "Snow-covered island" update and only appears in the winter events. It can only be "cooked" in hand, and when cooked enough, it will appear blue and will deal slightly more damage to opponents. However, snowballs are not meant to damage opponents; instead, they are meant to slow down Players and forcefully remove an item from the victim. Hardened (cooked) Snowballs slows down Players for a longer time.
This Throwable, introduced in the "Rotato potato" update, is exclusive to the Potato Map. It is identical to the Snowball functionally.
3 80 This Throwable, introduced in the "The perks of being a survivr" update, can only be dropped upon death when the Martyrdom perk is equipped.
Heart Frag
4 125 20 The Heart Frag is nearly identical to the Frag Grenade, minus the Heart Effect.
5 125 20 You throw it, but instead of immediately blowing up in 5 seconds, it takes 5 seconds to activate. When a player (including yourself), bullet, or throwable enters its immediate vicinity after arming, it will explode. Note that it can explode prematurely due to a bug with the arming code.
Water Balloon
0 0 0 When hit, a survivr is slowed down and given the "wet" effect.
0 0 0 When a survivr enters the cloud created by a Skittrnade, they will receive the Contacted effect.
Cannon Shot Unobtainable Throwable that only appears when fired by the Mothrship.
Foam Grenade
N/A 0 0 This throwable removes the Burning effect when the player stands in the effective range.