A player’s Survivr Pass 1 at Level 1

The Survivr Pass 1 is the first edition Pass in, and was introduced in the v0.8.6 "Give me a quest" update. This pass features 23 unlockable items and 26 Quests which give 30 or 40 XP per quest. Its successor is Survivr Pass 2 and has no predecessor.

These items have no effect and are only for cosmetic effect, but can be used to demoralize other players lower than you, or to intimidate enemies. A Player with a high level item could be also viewed as an experienced player for they play the game longer than other people to complete quests, or someone who simply bought items with GP.

All of the items from this pass can be found in PARMA Crates after it was ended and Survivr Pass 2 was released in v0.9.2 "Season 2 Has Arrived" update on March 9, 2020.

Level Item Internal ID Image Rarity XP per level to reach from last item Total XP needed
2 PARMA Jumpsuit outfitParma Loot-shirt-outfitParma.img.png Common 50 50
3 Healing Hearts heal_heart Part-heal-heart.img.png Common 50 100
4 Bandaged Face emote_bandagedface Face-bandaged.img.png Common 50 150
5 Arctic Avenger outfitWhite Loot-shirt-outfitWhite.img.png Common 50 200
6 Starboost boost_star Part-boost-star.img.png Common 50 250
7 Ok emote_ok Ok.img.png Common 50 300
8 Target Practice outfitRed Loot-shirt-outfitRed.img.png Uncommon 50 350
9 Blood Moon heal_moon Part-heal-moon.img.png Uncommon 50 400
10 Poo Face emote_pooface Face-poo.img.png Mythic 75 475
11 Knuckles Rusted knuckles_rusted Loot-melee-knuckles-rusted.img.png Common 75 550
12 Naturalize boost_natusalize Part-boost-naturalize.img.png Uncommon 75 625
13 Ghost emote_ghost Ghost-base.img.png Epic 75 700
14 The Professional outfitDarkGloves Loot-shirt-outfitDarkGloves.img.png Common 75 775
15 Tomoe heal_tomoe Part-heal-tomoe.img.png Epic 75 850
16 Picasso Face emote_picassoface Face-picasso.img.png Uncommon 100 950
17 Carbon Fiber outfitCarbonFiber Loot-shirt-outfitCarbonFiber.img.png Uncommon 100 1050
18 Shuriken boost_shuriken Part-boost-shuriken.img.png Uncommon 100 1150
19 Rainbow emote_rainbow Rainbow.img.png Uncommon 125 1275
20 The Core Jumpsuit outfitParmaPrestige Loot-shirt-outfitParmaPrestige.img.png Epic 125 1400
21 Knuckles Heroic knuckles_heroic Loot-melee-knuckles-heroic.img.png Mythic 150 1550
30 Fowl Facade outfitTurkey Loot-shirt-outfitTurkey.img.png Mythic 75 2225
50 Bayonet Rugged bayonet_rugged Loot-melee-bayonet-rugged.img.png Epic 75 3725
99 Bayonet Woodland bayonet_woodland Loot-melee-bayonet-woodland.img.png Legend 75 7400


  • Justin stated on the Discord server that "there are just no pass unlocks past 21 i believe", although this is proven false from the code of the game, as you can unlock the Bayonet Rugged and Bayonet Woodland on level 50 and 99 respectively.
    • He later confirmed the existence of a level 50 unlock, although he never specified what it was.
    • These were both before the addition of the Fowl Facade skin at level 30.
  • Justin stated on the discord that he had plans to release Survivr Pass 2 during March.
  • Every level in between levels that award you something (e.g. level 34) can be passed with 75 XP, but you won't get anything.
  • You don't level up after level 99.
    • There was originally a glitch where your xp bar would endlessly get longer after Level 99, but this glitch was fixed in v0.9.1.