Welcome to! is a popular top-down battle royale game in which players spawn on an island and gear up to fight each other to be the last one standing and win the chicken dinner. As well as having mechanics and game knowledge, players may choose from a variety of different weapons, equipment, clothing, and other items in order to outplay their opponents and survive.


How do you win?
You normally win if you are the last man standing and all other enemies are dead. You may also win if you or someone on your team is alive when everyone else is dead. You can also win if you outlast everyone else but die immediately after that.

A win in Duos mode

How do you pick up items?
Just press the F key while on the item you want. This keybind can be changed.
For mobile, auto loot is on. To pick up most items, walking over them is sufficient. To change weapons, tap the name of the gun when you are walking over it. After dropping an item, auto-loot will be disabled for a few seconds.
How do I get kills?
By damaging a player untill his health bar is at 0. If you are playing on squads/duo, you have to do that a second time since they will be knocked out. The second time will be far easier as the enemy will lose health over time, cannot attack, and their movement will be greatly reduced.
Where can I get ammo?
The common Ammunition types (9mm, 12 gauge, 5.56mm, and 7.62mm) can be found almost everywhere. Other ammo types, however, are harder to find; they only spawn with their respective gun or from Large and Small Ammo Crates. They can only be destroyed with the Wood Axe, Fire Axe, Katana, Stone Hammer, Sledgehammer, War Hammer and Naginata. The .45 ACP ammo only spawns in certain events, or from Hardstone Blocks.
How do I use consumables?
The easiest way to use a Consumable is to left-click the item, but you can also use the 7, 8, 9 and 0 keys to use Bandages, Med Kits, Sodas, and Pills respectively. These keybinds can be changed.
How does Adrenaline work?
Your adrenaline bar is similar to your health bar, and a vital part of staying alive. Adrenaline increases your movement speed and heals you over time. Similar to your health bar, adrenaline is boosted with certain consumables, including sodas, pills, and event- specific items and perks. Your adrenaline starts at zero initially (no healing or speed boost) and will constantly decrease if it is above zero.
How do you send emotes?
Right-click and hold, then drag your mouse toward one of the four Emotes. Hold C while doing this to send team pings, which will show up where your cursor is. These keybinds can be changed.
For mobile, tap the little smiley face on the corner, then select an emote, holding it also works, hold the face then slide your finger to select an emote. To use team pings, first press the minimap in the top right corner, and press anywhere on the map. Note that wherever you press, the ping will be there.
How do you make a server?
You can create a server with the Prestige Arena on the top left corner to create a private server, you can invite other people with a code but you must be logged in to make a private server, You can access the following modes in the Prestige Arena, Classic, Woods, Potato, Desert, Savannah, Snow, and Saint Patrick. There are semi-private twitch servers that have very few people on them, however, they are no longer updated to the newest features.
How do you drop items?
Right click on the item you wish to drop. For mobile, tap and drag the item away. This works on any of your items except for Fists, your 1x Scope, your current Backpack, or your current Skin. Skins can only be dropped if you swap it for another.
I keep getting killed right away, I need help!
Feel free to visit the Surviv Help Center for tips and tricks on how to improve at the game. You could also learn quickswitching, which removes any slowdown from shooting any sniper and most shotguns. To do this, simply shoot the weapon with slowdown, and immediately switch to any other item slot you have.
How do you get rare weapons?
There is no guaranteed way to get rare weapons like the M249 and AWM-S. Your best bet is to play the game for a long period of time or head towards areas that have special Crates. Some examples of these are air drops and Hardstone Blocks/Boulders.
How do you change keyboard bindings?
Go to the Main Menu page and press the keyboard button on the bottom left of the page.
Are events permanent?
Events are not permanent. They last 1 day and change each day in a two week interval. To see to schedule, go to Event Rotation.
What are Air Drops?
Air Drops contain special crates that drop rare and powerful items. They drop randomly within the safe zone, or anywhere with a Flare Gun. Air Drops are marked by an orange parachute icon on the map, which notifies all players of the exact location.
Can I get killed by an air drop?
If you stand directly under an air drop when it lands on the ground, you will instantly lose 100 (all) of your health points. This will kill you in most situations, so avoid being too close to air drops. If you are a Lone Survivr in 50v50, airdrops only deal 50 damage.
Alternatively, in the desert mode, where airdrops are plentiful, you could equip the Flak Jacket perk and survive an incoming airdrop with a remaining health count of 10 hit points.
How do I switch my throwable?
To switch your Throwable, simply keep using your slot 4 keybind (default is 4).
For mobile, equip your throwable slot, then tap your throwable slot to cycle through.
What are Air Strikes?
Air Strikes were added in the v0.7.0 "Incursion recursion" update and appear in 50v50 when large groups of enemies were in a specific area or in desert events. The general area of a naturally spawned Air Strike is marked by a yellow bomb, and a large yellow circle around it to mark the strike area. In the "Danger close" desert update, Strobes were added that would call in Air Strikes where and in the direction they were thrown.
How do I break those black things with an eye on them?
Hardstone Blocks and Hardstone Boulders can only be broken by weapons with the Stone Piercing tag, such as the Stone Hammer. They have similar loot drops to the Gold Meteor Crate, meaning that it is usually worth it to break these things if you can.

How do I get those cool skins?

Without an account, you will automatically spawn with the Basic Outfit. However, on the menu screen, if you look to the top you can create an account by linking a social media platform (Twitch, Discord, Facebook, Steam, and Google are all supported). Then you can access your Loadout and equip skins.