Welcome to the Wiki! is a popular top-down battle royale game in which players spawn on an island and gear up to fight each other to be the last one standing and win the chicken dinner. As well as having outstanding mechanics and game knowledge, players must choose from a variety of different weapons, skins, and equipments in order to outplay their opponents and survive.

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v0.8.3 - September 12, 2019

The perks of being a survivr

Five new guns, a bevy of new obstacles on a new Island layout, and a perk looting system featuring eight new perks. Welcome to the savannah!

This limited time mode introduces a new perk system that builds off the perks you've seen before, like Firepower and Windwalk. In savannah mode, lootable perks can be found around the Island. There are eleven unique perks to find, but you can only have one equipped at a time.

Be careful of getting too bloodthirsty. A secondary "perk" is given to the savannah kill leader: The Hunted. While you are the kill leader, your position will be exposed to all enemies!

Good hunting, survivrs. And if you see someone dressed as a pan ... aim for their sides.

September 1, 2019


We may be out of potatoes, but not leeks. What will be the thrilling to conclusion to the great grass mystery of 2019? Keep an eye on our Instagram and Discord server.

v0.8.2 - August 28, 2019

Small potatoes

Everyone's favorite RVM (root vegetable mode) is back until the end of August!

There's also a little new perk available in those curious grass areas. Seriously, what's the deal with this grass and those trees and bushes?

v0.8.1 - August 21, 2019

Splinter shell

Solo Squad woods mode is back for a spell, but we've made a few small modifications. The total number of trees has been reduced and additional clearings have been added.

There's also more curious grass, and now curious bushes! What lunacy is this?

v0.8.0 - August 17, 2019

Get a loadout

Things are about to get personal(ized) on the Island. Introducing loadouts!

Loadouts are an extension/upgrade of the emote customization system. It can be accessed through the old emote customization button, or through the new "Loadout" option in the top right corner. You must be logged in to access loadouts.

To the existing emote and player icon categories, we've added outfit skin and crosshair customization categories. Your loadout preferences are tied to your account - no more having to remake your emote setups!

This is just phase one of the loadouts rollout. We plan to add more categories, and of course, a lot more items! Let us know what you think on our Discord server.

August 14, 2019

Buffet closed

PARMA scientists are confident the next game mode will have no leaky grass patches ... or more of them!

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