Welcome to the Wiki! is a popular top-down battle royale game in which players spawn on an island and gear up to fight each other to be the last one standing and win the chicken dinner. As well as having outstanding mechanics and game knowledge, players must choose from a variety of different weapons, skins, and equipment in order to outplay their opponents and survive.

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What's New!

September 07, 2021

Update v1.8 - Season 8 & Fall Tournament '21

Hello Survivrs! Today marks the arrival of Season 8. Many thanks to our passionate Creatrs, whose skin ideas inspired over 30% of the items featured in this season pass. NOTE: Anyone who'd like to contribute to the future of Surviv should join their fellow Survivrs on Discord!

We're also very excited to announce our first official tournament series! which will be live-streaming on Twitch, this Sunday (9/12) starting noon PST. Tournament champions will receive NFT skins as prizes. Registry for tourney entry ends tomorrow (Wed, 9/8) at noon, so now's your last chance to enter. Registration details can also be found in our Discord.

June 29, 2021

Update v1.7b: Ultimate Sacrifice

Today we honor those who have fought and fallen for freedom. In memory of these heroes, we're running the 50v50 mode Ultimate Sacrifice for a week, and the classic Legendary skin Chromesis will be available for 50% off, until Friday 7/2 @ 1p PST.

June 08, 2021

Update v1.7: Season 7 Is Here

Hello Survivrs,

The summer season is upon us, and with it, a new battle pass. Tons of new Skins, Fists, Emotes, and Deadsplosions can be earned for FREE, by completing Missions and leveling your pass. Buying a Gold Pass gets you access to more rare level-up rewards, and also removes ads. Keep an eye out for new events.

We've also updated our Code of Conduct and Terms of Service.

May 06, 2021

v1.6.0b: Sinko de Ammo Event

Hola Survivrs! You may find the island has been invaded by mobile, automated, robotic Pinatas, which drop many goodies when destroyed. Enjoy the tacos!

Skin Sale: Macho Lucha is available at 40% off until Saturday.

May 04, 2021

v1.6.0: Prestige Island

Welcome to the new island. Survivrs who log in will now only battle other logged in Survivrs, on Prestige Island.

Unregistered Survivrs will only battle other unregistered Survivrs, on Trainee Island.

This is primarily to help you avoid battling against cheaters, teamers, griefers, etc. As we continue using the Prestige system to Report bad behavior (thanks for helping us catch cheaters!), Prestige Island will keep getting better.


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