These shorts are made and produced by a user "survivio". Note that these are official shorts from the game's developers. Short Films Shorts are mini-films posted by YouTube user "survivio". This is a list of these mini-films. Trailer - The trailer for the game, noteworthy for also being the first short that "survivio" posted.

On The Runs - A short that features a reenactment of a popular Jurassic Park scene, with added comedy.

Pins And Emotes Tutorial - A quick tutorial on how to use Pings and Emotes.

Moth to a Flame - A short with the same concept as On the Runs, also with added comedy.

DP-28 Weapon Demonstration - Demonstrates how to use the DP-28 and has some comedy at the end.

I Need Your Team - A short introduction to the Teams (4 Player Mode).

Bunker Orientation Video - a film Introducing Bunker 4: The Crossing and adding mystery to the story of the Island showing that it might be a simulator.