Emote-happy-face.png This article is about gameplay that is only available for a limited time, and only appears in Events.

A fellow survivr holding the Stone Hammer

A fellow survivr holding a Sledgehammer

The Stone Hammer is a Melee Weapon first added in the v0.6.71 "If a bunker opens in a forest ..." update to the Woods Map, then added to the Desert Map in the "Frozen deserts" update.

The Sledgehammer is a reskin of the Stone Hammer, introduced in the v0.7.7 "Clubbed to death" update.


The Stone Hammer and Sledgehammer both have an armor and stone piercing stat that allows it to destroy Ammo Crates and stone-plated Obstacles, like the Hardstone Blocks and Hardstone Boulders, and stone seals present in the wood's Eye Bunker, the secret room of the Alternate Barn, and the Chrysanthemum Bunker on the Desert Map and the inferno map[1].



  • Move around to where you can see the Hardstone Blocks or Hardstone Boulders (desert) on the minimap, which are rendered by small black squares (Woods Map, or Normal Map) or circles (Desert Map). Go and break them for rare items that can't normally be found on the Woods Map.
  • Be careful if you're wielding this, as both the high damage to both players and obstacles and the ability to break hardstone obstacles with valuable loot makes it a desirable weapon. Its slow attack speed can punish those who miss their swings and/or can leave you vulnerable to faster-attacking weapons.


  • It can be countered with a Naginata, which is superior in range of all Melee Weapons.
  • As with most melee weapons, a long range weapon should be used against the stone hammer.


  • In main, potato, cobalt and snow map, a sledgehammer spawns in the Alternate Barn, it is very rarely replaced by a M9.
  • In potato map, it can be found by breaking a Potato (Obstacle).
  • In desert map, two stone hammers are spawn in the two Banks respectively, replacing Jester's Folly.
  • In woods and halloween map, a stone hammer spawns in the Eye Bunker, after entering the code.
  • In desert, woods and savannah map, a stone hammer uncommonly spawns in Meteor Crate from Air Drop.


60 damage No Helmet Level 1 Helmet Level 2 Helmet Level 3 Helmet Level 4 Helmet
No Vest 60 55.5 52.8 50.1 47.4
Level 1 Vest 45 41.625 39.6 37.575 35.55
Level 2 Vest 37.2 34.41 32.736 31.062 29.388
Level 3 Vest 33 30.525 29.04 27.555 26.07
Level 4 Vest 24 22.2 21.12 20.04 18.96


  • The Stone Hammer is considered by some to be the best melee weapon in the game, as it ties for second in most player damage (tied with Pan), has the 2nd best structural damage after the Fire Axe, has good range, can open Ammo Crates, and can break Stone-plated Obstacles, which is great for looting.
  • It does 115.2 damage to Obstacles.
  • It is similar to War Hammer but it does greater damage per second.