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Not to be confused with Hardstone Blocks, Hardstone Boulders, or Bridge Columns, other variants of the Stone

A Stone (also called a Rock) is a type of Obstacle in It is gray with a smaller gray circle inside, with a black outline.


  • The Stone is a breakable object, however, it drops no loot. The only exception is the Rock/Stone Cache, which drops an AK-47, an Initiative skin and some additional loot. Look for points under the rock in the cardinal directions.
  • A ridiculous number of stones spawn around the map, and you are almost guaranteed to run into one; they seem as common a trees.
    • Stones take 11 punches to break, while Trees only take 8 and Crates take 4.
      • Stones have 250 Health.
  • Stones can be lifesavers while you are being shot at with a weak gun. Hide behind it and keep the rock between you and the opponent.
  • However, it is not recommended that you shield yourself with a stone when someone with an M249. Being am LMG, it will decimate the stone in seconds.
    • Also watch out for Sniper Rifles, as most can 2 or one-shot a rock.
    • Grenades are also dangerous, as they can blow up both the rock, and you.
  • Durning the "Snow-covered Island" event, rocks have snow on their upper-left part. This seems to have no in-game effect.

The rock cache. Note the symbol underneath.

Rock spawn

Rocks spawned