Sniper Rifles are rifles with extremely high damage and range, high precision, but very low rate of fire. There are currently only four Sniper Rifles in the game, all using different type of ammo. The Mosin-Nagant and SV-98 uses 7.62mm ammo, the AWM-S uses .308 Subsonic and the Model 94 uses .45 ACP.                                                                                                                                            

Name Ammo type Damage Fire Rate Description
Mosin-Nagant 7.62mm (Blue) 72 0.5 The Mosin-Nagant is a bolt-action sniper rifle that deals very high damage per shot, but has a very slow rate of fire. It is useful combined with an 8x or 15x zoom for picking off distant targets. The Mosin-Nagant can be used to either cripple full-health armored targets, or to finish off injured enemies. When standing still, it has a spread of only 1 degree. The Mosin Nagant use the 7.62mm ammo.
SV-98 7.62mm (Blue) 80 1.7 The SV-98 is a bolt action rifle added in the Log and Load update on June 2, 2018. It is described as a Mosin 2.0, being more powerful, holding more ammunition, and higher fire rate. Like the Mosin-Nagant it slows you down when you fire it, which may be avoided by using the quick- switch trick. The SV-98 use the 7.62mm ammo like the Mosin.
AWM-S .308 Subsonic (Olive) 180 1.7 The AWM-S is the rarest sniper rifle in game. Added in the July 26 update, "Air Drop It Like It's Hot", it is most often found in golden airdrops (confirmed by justin, a developer, to be airdrop only). The AWM-S uses the proprietary .308 Subsonic ammo, and can deal 180 damage in one shot. It is arguably the most powerful sniper in the game.
Model 94 .45 ACP (Purple) 44 1.3 The Model 94 in-game was a lever-action rifle. It could only be found in Cattle Crates and Airdrops on the Desert map. It's one of only five guns to use .45 ACP as ammo. The Model 94 was only seen in the Squad mode of 0.6.1. As of version 0.6.2, the gun is gone, but later returned in the "Gunfight at The Deadeye Saloon" update


  • Try using an 8x or 15x Scope for long ranged attacks.
  • After shooting a sniper rifle quickly switch to your secondary weapon and then back to the sniper rifle, this trick will make it so that when you don't have the slow movement speed that you will get after shooting a sniper rifle.
    • Doing this is also called "quick-switching"
    • For the snipers except the Model 94, it actually causes the sniper to fire faster than it would without, therefore there is no reason to not do it with those.
  • May be used in conjunction with another sniper rifle, or a pump-action shotgun reasonably well. Simply quickswitch, and you get two high-damage shots in a reasonably short amount of time.
  • Because of their high damage per shot, sniper rifles may serve well at peeking corners. Contrary to what some think, it is feasible to use sniper rifles at close range - think of them as slightly worse M870s!