Skins are a cosmetic game element. They are spread around the Map. Nearly all Skins are entirely cosmetic. Though they give no effect, certain skins can give a slight camouflage advantage on different Maps while others are in bright colors that can prove a disadvantage to their camo values at the price of appearance.


Name Appearance Image
Basic Outfit Peach-colored body and hands. Brown Backpack. Default equipped skin. This will not be dropped if a player is killed with it and can only be dropped if it is switched for another skin. This suit gives a slight blend-in with the beach. This is also the default skin that every player spawns with.
Woodcutter's Wrap The fifth of 5 suits to contain a gradient, and the first suit to contain a pattern. Dark Red, Bright Red, and Black Criss-Cross Pattern going across the suit. Dark Red Backpack. Found in the Hatchet Bunker.
Poncho Verde The fourth of 5 suits to contain a gradient. A Dark Green Body with light gray hands that have a green-ish tinge. Brownish-tan backpack. Very Rare
Poncho Verde
Water Elemental The third of 5 suits to contain a gradient. A light blue body with Dark red hands. Dark Blue Backpack. Found in the River Chest.
Opera Snapshot 2018-09-08 234151
Celestial Garb The second of 5 suits to contain gradients. Cyan-violet body with red hands. Turquoise to black backpack. Very rare (only from Airdrops).
Celestial garb-2
Falling Star The first of 5 suits to contain gradients. Dark red body with orange hands. Brown backpack. Very rare (only from airdrops), though slightly more common than Celestial Garb.
Screenshot 2018-07-29 at 16.46.24-0
Island Time A light mango orange colored suit, with dark green hands. Found only in the golden Pots in the golden Huts. Light green backpack. Rare.
Aquatic Avenger An aquamarine blue suit with cyan hands. Only found in the special Shell-marked Crates at the Docks or in the Conch Bunker. Dark cyan Backpack. Rare.
7-Aquatic Avenger
Coral Guise A coral-tinted pink suit with lighter hands. Only found in the special Shell-marked Crates at the Docks or in the Conch Bunker. Very light salmon Backpack. Rare.
The Initiative A light smoky gray suit found only in the Egg Bunker, the Hydra Bunker, the Storm Bunker, the Docks in Bunker crates, and the loot rock. Dark Brown Backpack. 0-5 spawn per map.
The initiative edited-0
Casanova Silks A dark red outfit with slightly brightened gloves. Found on the carpet of the main entrance of the Mansion, and in the Hatchet Bunker and spawns every game. Black Backpack. Common.
Casanova silks-1
The New Black An orange body with a slight tint for the gloves, and a dark yellow Backpack. Found in the last cell of the Police Station and the Hatchet Bunker. Common.
Clothing New Black
Jester's Folly A purple outfit with a darker tint for the hands. Found inside the Bank vault, and the Hatchet Bunker, and spawns every game. Never found elsewhere. Dark-green Backpack. Common.
Woodland Combat Dark green body with lighter hands. Dark-brown Backpack. Uncommon.
Royal Fortune Dark crimson body with gold-yellow gloves. Dark-orange Backpack. Only found inside the Pirate Chests on the beach. Only one spawns per game. Extremely rare
Key Lime An eye-wrenching lime with a lighter tint for the hands. Orange Backpack. Uncommon.
Cobalt Shell Dark tinted blue skin. Blue Backpack. Gives a slight blend-in with the Containers. Uncommon.
Carbon Fiber A very dark, black suit. Dark gray Backpack. Rare.
The Professional Same body color as the Basic Outfit, with brown hands resembling leather gloves. Brown Backpack. Uncommon.
Ghillie Suit Also known as the "Invisible suit." Grass-colored body and hands. Allows one to blend in with the grass. If a player has Equipment on, it will not be shown in the model. The Equipment effects will still be in use. Ultra rare.
Forest Camo Olive Green body and hands. Similar to the Ghillie Suit, but to a much lower extent. Green Backpack. Can camouflage in trees, overlapping or not. Uncommon.
Target Practice Pure red suit with a slightly darker tint for the hands. Red Backpack. It is very easy to spot, so wearing it and attempting to perform camouflage may be a bad idea, but can help while in the red zone. Common.
Arctic Avenger A very clear, white suit. White Backpack. Gives a slight blend-in with the white floor of the main room of Hydra Bunker. Rare.
Purple Fade A secret skin only on the Twitch Server. It is a purple to white gradient
Screenshot 2018-11-17 at 10.30.38 AM burned
Valiant Pineapple A vibrant skin with a blood red suit with dark red gloves. Bright Yellow backpack, similar color to the Island Time suit. It was added along with the Tarkhany Regal skin.
Valiant Pineapple
Tarkhany Regal A mainly purple skin with a Purple body and Backpack with yellow gloves. It was added along with the valiant Pineapple skin.
Tarkhany Regal (unreleased)-0
Imperial Seal A red suit with a tan backpack and white gloves. Only found in the Chrysanthemum bunker. Probably resembles some sort of soldiers uniform. Uncommon.
Imperial Seal
Desert Camo A tan suit with darker tan gloves and lighter tan backpack. Looks much like The Professional, but more adapted to match the sand texture. Uncommon.
Desert Camo-1
Desert Ghillie Acts as the Ghillie's desert variant. Removes the appearance of armor, backpacks, and helmets, and closely matches the color of the sand. Very Rare
Desert Ghillie-1
Tallow's Little Helper It is a red and green suit. It can be found in airdrops. When you put it on, it will make a little jingle sound.
Tallow's Little Helper
Siberian Assault White skin with light blue and grey in a camouflage pattern. replaces imperial Seal in the Chrysanthemum Bunker.
Fish in a Wood Barrel Turns you into a Wooden Barrel. Currently unobtainable.
Stoneskin Turns you into a Stone. Currently unobtainable.
Barkskin Turns you into a Tree. Currently unobtainable.
Spooky Barkskin Turns you into a Withered Tree. Currently unobtainable.
Stump Costume Turns you into a Stump. Currently unobtainable.
Bush Wookie Turns you into a Bush. Currently unobtainable.
Leaf Pile Wookie Turns you into a Leaf Pile. Currently unobtainable.
Guy in a Box Turns you into a Crate. Currently unobtainable.
Yard Sale Turns you into a Table. Currently unobtainable.
Comrade in a Box Turns you into a Soviet Crate. Currently unobtainable.
Air Drop Costume Turns you into a Meteor Crate. Currently unobtainable.
Oven Costume Turns you into an Oven. Currently unobtainable.
Fridge Costume Turns you into a Fridge. Currently unobtainable.
Vending Costume Turns you into a Vending Machine. Currently unobtainable.
Pumpkin Costume Turns you into a Pumpkin. Currently unobtainable.
Woodpile Costume Turns you into a Wood Pile. Currently unobtainable.
Toilet Costume Turns you into a Toilet. Currently unobtainable.
Stifled Blue Blue gradient found in the Aged Faction Statue.
Red Victorious Red gradient found in the Aged Faction Statue

Code Order

The order the skins appear in the code. Purple Fade not included because it isn't in the normal game's code.

  1. Basic Outfit
  2. Fish in a Barrel
  3. Fish in a Wood Barrel
  4. Stoneskin
  5. Barkskin
  6. Spooky Barkskin
  7. Stump Costume
  8. Bush Wookie
  9. Leaf Pile Wookie
  10. Guy in a Box
  11. Yard Sale
  12. Comrade in a Box
  13. Air Drop Costume
  14. Oven Costume
  15. Fridge Costume
  16. Vending Costume
  17. Pumpkin Costume
  18. Woodpile Costume
  19. Toilet Costume
  20. Red Victorious
  21. Stifled Blue
  22. Red Leader
  23. Blue Leader
  24. Siberian Assault
  25. Tallow's Little Helper
  26. Imperial Seal
  27. Woodcutter's Wrap
  28. Poncho Verde
  29. Valiant Pineapple
  30. Tarkhany Regal
  31. Water Elemental
  32. Celestial Garb
  33. Falling Star
  34. Island Time
  35. Aquatic Avenger
  36. Coral Guise
  37. The Initiative
  38. Casanova Silks
  39. The New Black
  40. Jester's Folly
  41. Woodland Combat
  42. Royal Fortune
  43. Key Lime
  44. Cobalt Shell
  45. Carbon Fiber
  46. The Professional
  47. Incursion Ghillie
  48. Desert Ghillie
  49. Ghillie Suit
  50. Desert Camo
  51. Forest Camo
  52. Target Practice
  53. Arctic Avenger


  • Because it is the same color as the grass, the Ghillie Suit is extremely effective for hiding outside.
    • Camo outfits are colored similarly to grass, so they are also acceptable for hiding under trees and bushes.
    • Some miscellaneous outfits may blend in with the interiors of certain buildings.


  • Only 3 skins don't drop: Basic Outfit, Red Leader, and Blue Leader. Of these, the Basic Outfit is the only one not to have the noDrop tag in the code.
  • The New Black suit is a reference to the television show "Orange is the New Black."
  • Prior to v0.2.2, Arctic Avenger was named "Plain White Tee."
  • The Ghillie Suit and Desert Ghillie are the only skins to have its equipment hidden. This is meant for camouflage. In the real-life ghillie suit, the equipment will still be hidden because the foliage would hide it.
  • The skins Tarkhany Regal and Valiant Pineapple can be found in the code, which until the "If a bunker opens in a forest ..." update, was unobtainable.
  • The Spookiversary and Easter events are currently the only events where the skins are obstacles which the player becomes, hiding all equipment wearing said skins.
  • Many of the Spookiversary Only ones were renamed by removing their special English Inter-language names, making it use the default name that every other language used at an unknown date. They are as follows: