The outside of a shack

The Shack is a small building in that was added in the v0.6.8 update on December 12, 2017.



The inside of a shack

The Shack has a Barrel and small crate on one side and loot inside. Unlike a House or Barn, the outside walls can be destroyed.


  • The Barrel and Crate next to the shack are slightly smaller than a regular crate or barrel, but still take as many hits.
  • There is a small hole that you can see through without being inside, possibly revealing some of the loot inside.
    Screenshot 2018-04-24 at 7.40.40 PM
  • Inside the shack, you can find a Storm Bunker bunker that spawns in one shack per map.


  • If it is a regular shack, punch the wall facing the barrel until is is destroyed, then punch/shoot the barrel to its smoking point. If a player approaches, they will not be able to see the wall is destroyed and go in in hope of finding loot. Once they are near, shoot the barrel until it explodes, dealing hefty damage to the opponent. however, a frag of two may land on you so be careful to have good health.

A shack with the downstairs entrance to the Storm Bunker