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Scopes are items that allow players to increase their range of vision. There are five scopes in They can be found anywhere, on the ground randomly (Tier World), in Crates (Tier World), Toilets (Tier Toilet), Deposit Boxes (Tier World), Treasure Chests (Tier Chest), Containers (Tier Container), and inside Buildings (Tier World and Tier Container).

List of scopes

Image Name Notes
1x Scope Players automatically spawn with and have equipped a 1x scope. The 1x scope cannot be dropped, even when a player is killed. Players who step into roofed buildings, containers, bunkers and smoke will automatically trigger the 1x scope.
2x Scope The most common scope. The Sniper spawns with this. The difference between 1x and 2x zoom is minimal.
4x Scope Better zoom than the 2x scope, good enough to last throughout the game. It is uncommon. Walking into the Bathouse under the Crimson Ring Club triggers this scope's zoom.
8x Scope Very large zoom, very useful if the player has a Sniper Rifle, or DMR.
15x Scope Maximum possible zoom; 1/16th of the map is visible.


1x Scope is forced while inside any Buildings (exceptions include inside the Bathhouse in the Crimson Ring Club, which has a view of a 4x Scope), a Smoke Grenade, or while Knocked Out.

2x Scope and 4x Scope provide a good upgrade to the 1x Scope. The 2x Scope is good early game, and the 4x Scope is a good all-purpose scope that can be used throughout the game.

8x Scope is useful for previewing building interiors and sniping. It may be difficult to see people in bushes while moving, and loot or weapons may become difficult to distinguish.

15x Scopes are extremely rare. They are useless for checking Bushes but are great for checking buildings. They go best in conjunction with long-range Sniper Rifles like the Mosin Nagant and SV-98.

Individual Scopes

1x Scope

The 1x Scope is the default scope. The 1x Scope, like the Fists, cannot be dropped. The 1x Scope is forced within a roofed building, smoke, or while knocked out.


2x Scope

The 2x Scope is the most common scope. Compared to the 1x Scope, it provides a ~1.3x vision increase on desktop, and 1.25x vision increase on mobile. It is found in most common crates using Tier World.


4x Scope

The 4x Scope is an uncommon scope. It gives a more noticeable increase than its predecessors, with a ~1.33x vision increase on desktop and 1.2x vision increase on mobile. It is also given to the Lieutenant, Medic, Recon, Grenadier, and Bugler on the 50v50 Map. Walking into the pool room under the Crimson Ring Club automatically sets the zoom level to that of a 4x, regardless of whether the player has this scope or not.


8x Scope

The 8x scope is a rare scope, and is given to the Commander, Marksman, and Lone Survivr on the 50v50 Map. Compared to the 4x Scope, the 8x Scope has a ~1.4x vision increase on desktop and ~1.33x vision increase on mobile.


15x Scope

The 15x Scope is the last and rarest scope, most commonly found from Air Drops. It allows visibility of roughly 1/16 of the map. Compared to the 8x Scope, the 15x Scope provides ~1.53x vision increase on desktop and ~1.38x vision increase on mobile. With this scope, Players and loot become extremely small and distuinguish. The most useful weapons with this scope are Sniper Rifles and DMRs, as they enable the ability to shoot from beyond an enemy's usual field of view.


  • The Club's bathhouse provides a 4x Scope to the player instead of a 1x Scope, making it the only building where the scope inside a building is not that of a 1x Scope.
  • The 4x Scope is the only scope with an equal zoom radius on both platforms.
  • On the Savannah Map, the 2x scope cannot be found and the 4x, 8x and 15x scopes become more common.
  • Some players prefer the 8x Scope over the 15x Scope due to its massive field of view making Mines almost invisible, and some guns hard to distinguish from others due to the low resolution.
  • When you zoom in on the browser version of by using control scroll up, you can also zoom into the ground, and vice versa. However, the developers made a patch that makes it so the game auto zooms back to the normal scope level.
  • When clicking on the player info tab, the thing next to the players on the results screen, if you zoom out then you can see the rest of the surrounding area, which consists of the lower left half of the map and some grass area. Weirdly, a small part of this, the area the grass normally would be is see through, meaning gameplay can be seen. In modes where the ground color is changed, when being seen through this gap, it auto resorts to the color pallet of the normal mode.
  • The steam version handles it a little bit differently. If you were to zoom in and zoom out, using control shift and plus to zoom in, and control minus to zoom out, the camera has a chance of glitching itself, by zooming in more to the right, so even if you have an 8x, the camera would still zoom in at the distance of a 1x scope.