The Franchi Special/Sporting Purpose Automatic Shotgun 12 gauge, known as the SPAS-12 in-game, is a pump-action Shotgun in added in the v0.4.2 "Sun's out, guns out" update on June 21, 2018. Due to its use of 12 gauge flechette Ammunition, it has better range and accuracy than other shotguns, with the cost of being less powerful. The SPAS-12 is always found in Golden Pots in Huts with the Island Time Skin, the SPAS-12 can also appear elsewhere.


The SPAS-12 is a Shotgun that uses 12 gauge (red) ammunition. However, it has a longer range, tighter spread and does higher damage than other shotguns, due to its use of 12 gauge flechette ammunition rather than the 12 gauge buckshot that other shotguns use (note that 12 gauge flechette and 12 gauge buckshot are not separate ammunition types. The SPAS-12 and other shotguns both use the same red 12 gauge ammunition, but the SPAS-12 will always be long-ranged and more accurate than its buckshot counterparts, despite using the same ammunition, thus implying the use of flechette rounds). The SPAS-12 has a damage of 8.75 per pellet, which is 3.75 points less than other shotguns. Additionally, it has a range of 45 units, while other shotguns only have a range of 28.


A fellow survivr holding the SPAS-12




Swapping To



  • The longer range and tighter grouping makes the SPAS-12 more ideal for medium-long range engagements, as opposed to the medium-short engagements that one would expect shotguns to excel at. Despite this, a SPAS-12 can still be used in close range emergency situations, although the buckshot Shotguns are somewhat better at this.
  • When faced by an opponent with a shotgun, keeping a distance is advantageous to a SPAS-12 user, as they have better range and accuracy than someone using a buckshot shotgun.
  • The SPAS-12 can be paired with another buckshot shotgun as the SPAS-12 can be used in long range encounters while the buckshot shotgun can be used at close range. However, the user will need to stock up on 12 gauge ammunition as both weapons will feed from the same reserve.
  • Make sure to either get in close or very far from an opponent with the SPAS-12. They excel at medium range, to where every pellet hits the player doing maximum damage. It only takes two or three clean hits to finish an enemy at medium range.
  • The SPAS-12 pairs well with a sniper for quick-switching. It is a satisfactory alternative to a second sniper rifle for most engagement ranges.


  • Because the SPAS is tighter grouped and needs better aim, get lots of adrenaline and move around when heading into a fight. SPAS is effective both close and mid range, but very tight it has trouble. Get in super close and shoot the user in the face!

Damage for Armors

Body Shots

8.75 No Helmet Level 1 Helmet Level 2 Helmet Level 3 Helmet/
Leader Helmet (Desert)
Leader Helmet (50v50)
No Vest 8.75 8.09375 7.7 7.30625 6.9125
Level 1 Vest 6.5625 6.0703125 5.775 5.4796875 5.184375
Level 2 Vest 5.425 5.018125 4.774 4.529875 4.28575
Level 3 Vest 4.8125 4.4515625 4.235 4.0184375 3.801875


13.125 No Helmet Level 1 Helmet Level 2 Helmet Level 3 Helmet/
Leader Helmet (Desert)
Leader Helmet (50v50)
No Vest 13.125 9.84375 7.875 5.90625 3.9375
Level 1 Vest 13.125 9.84375 7.875 5.90625 3.9375
Level 2 Vest 13.125 9.84375 7.875 5.90625 3.9375
Level 3 Vest 13.125 9.84375 7.875 5.90625 3.9375

Pros and Cons


  • Long range for a Shotgun
  • Decent damage
  • Higher than average fire rate for a Shotgun


  • Reloads every single bullet individually
  • Low DPS


The SPAS-12 is a rare Shotgun that mainly spawns in Golden Pots inside of the Hut. It can also spawn in normal ground loot but is decently rare.


  • In reality, the SPAS-12 can use both semi-auto and pump-action fire modes. The pump-action mode was included so that the shotgun could fire proprietary ammunition that may not be powerful enough to cycle the bolt when used in a semi-automatic fashion (such as less-lethal ammunition), and thus the use of pump-action would ensure that rounds are extracted and fed reliably through the use of manual operation. In-game, the SPAS-12 only uses pump-action. This may be due to the fact that the 12 gauge flechette ammunition is not powerful enough to be used in semi-automatic modes.
  • The real-life SPAS-12 does not have a magazine capacity of 9 rounds. Instead, it has a maximum capacity of 8. However, a shell can be stored in the chamber, creating an 8+1 capacity (which is 9). So the maximum capacity of the SPAS-12 in-game is actually correct and implies that the user chamber-loads a shell prior to reloading.
  • The in-game sprite shows the SPAS-12 with the stock folded.
  • It's the first shotgun in the game to not use 12 gauge buckshot, well as the second pump-action shotgun in the game.