Submachine guns, or SMGs for short, are pistol-caliber (9mm) automatic weapons with high rate of fire, but typically have low accuracy and damage per bullet. There are six SMGs in the MP5, MAC-10, UMP9, M1A1, CZ-3A1 and the Vector

SMGs can be very good in early and mid-game, as most of them use 9mm (Yellow) ammo (exception being the M1A1), which is very common, and have a high rate of fire. However, in late game, it is advisable to replace them with an assault rifle or similar gun, as other guns typically have longer ranges, better accuracy, and do more damage. Despite this, some SMGs may be very devastating and powerful if used correctly, such as the MAC-10 and UMP9. 


Image Name Ammo Fire Rate Description
MP5 9mm 11.1 The MP5 has a magazine size of 30 and can be very useful early in the game. However, the MP5 should be replaced with an assault rifle or more powerful SMG later into the game. It has a reload time of 2.0 seconds making it the longest to reload of the bunch. It could be compared to a weaker automatic UMP9. Even though it isn't the best of the SMGs it's still versatile from early game to mid-game.
UMP9 9mm 8.8 The UMP9 is a great weapon if used correctly. It is much more powerful than the MP5 and may be viewed as almost an inferior FAMAS. The UMP9, however, does not see much use as burst fire guns are very underrated. It has the same magazine size as the MP5 and is one of the three burst fire weapons in the game. The UMP9 may defeat an enemy quickly if you can aim well, as bursts deal very high DPS at the cost of fire rate.
MAC-10 9mm 22.2 The MAC-10 is one of the best weapons in the game at close quarters combat. It is very strong at close-range, and at medium-range as it has a capacity of 32, plus the third fastest rate of fire in the game. It should not be underestimated, although it cannot do much

damage at long range. Since it is weak at long range gunfights, one should carry a sniper rifle, assault rifle, DMR, etc. with it. It's best for flushing enemies out of cover, since its spray fire can do great damage to walls, rocks, crates, and trees.

Vector 9mm, .45 ACP 26.3(9mm)

22.73(.45 ACP)

The Vector is basically a more accurate MAC-10. It is very powerful if you have good aim. It is very effective at mid-range combat, and sometimes, if used correctly, at close quarters combat. It has the worst range of all the SMGs, meaning that it's best to get close to your enemies. You may still attack at mid-long range, however keep in mind that due to the Vector's falloff, damage will be greatly reduced. It's best that you carry a sniper rifle, an assault rifle, or any other gun decent at mid-long range combat in your secondary such as the SV-98 or an M416. It has a capacity of 33, the largest magazine size of the SMGs. The .45 ACP version is featured in the "Gunfight at The Deadeye Saloon" update of November 9, 2018, having increased damage for magazine capacity reduction of 25.
M1A1 .45 ACP 10.5 Added in the "Gunfight at the Deadeye Saloon", this weapon is added to the game via event. The weapon is said to be statistically similar to the MP5, being useful early on, but is to be discarded later on to a high damage rifle or shotgun. Being the MP5 substitute, It's very common along with the ammo. Sports slightly higher damage for slower reload.
CZ-3A1 9mm 18.18 Recently added in the Community Update, this weapon was a developer's choice winner from a discord content competition. The CZ-3A1 is a 9mm carbine that can only be found in Golden Airdrops. The CZ-3A1 is the only suppressed SMG in the game with a magazine size of 30. With a similar accuracy to the Vector, this is a great weapon for stealth from short to mid-ranges. This is also the rarest SMG in the game.