Red Zone's appearance

The Red Zone is a gameplay component within Every round, the Red Zone narrows down the gameplay area more and more as time goes on. Should a player be stuck in this zone, their health will deteriorate slowly. The red zone increases in damage as the game progresses.


When the game begins, a white circle is shown on the map as the "safe zone". As time goes on, the Red Zone will move towards the white circle, and stop just at the outer perimeter of it. The area outside the circle will be entirely imbued in red, and you will take damage upon entry. When the Red Zone reaches the outer perimeter of the safe zone, the circle will automatically shrink, and it will be another few minutes before the red zone once again moves towards the smaller circle's outer perimeter. The smaller the safe zone is, the more damage you will take going out of it. If the players are in a stalemate near the end, the Red Zone will engulf the entire map, inevitably leading to one of the players dying.

It is possible to see the red zone outside of the map at the very beginning of the game if one heads to the very corner of the map and has a high scope. However, even if the red zone was inside the map, it would do no damage.


  • If the players are in a stalemate near the end of the game, the red zone will shrink entirely, forcing the players' health to lessen until all but one dies. You can heighten your odds at winning by using a Med Kit right as the red zone starts dealing damage to you as well as ensuring you have the maximum level of Adrenaline.
  • If there is good loot in the red zone, and you have many Healing Items, then it could be worth a run back to retrieve the loot.
  • Run with no Weapon equipped when running from the red zone, as you will be much quicker.
  • Using adrenaline mitigates the damage dealt by the red zone.
  • One doesn't necessarily need to get out as soon as they find themselves in the red zone. Sometimes it is better to stay on the edge of the red zone for a short amount of time to make sure there are no enemies waiting just outside.