Red Houses is a Building added to in the 0.2.6 update in March 2, 2018. It is one of the more common buildings in the game, there are always 3 houses per map. The layout of the house is very basic, just a small home with 2 entrances, a kitchen, bathroom, and various other stuff. Houses contain pretty poor loot compared to most other buildings, so it is only worth searching a house earlier in the game. Houses spawn in one of 2 variants. One is darker than the other on the minimap

Variant 1


A house as seen from the inside


A house as seen from above


  • 1 small drawer in the bathroom area.
  • A big drawer in an empty room.
  • A toilet in the bathroom.
  • 1 drawer in the area where there is a carpet and a bush.


  • You can hide under the table in the kitchen if there is someone with better gear than you in the house. You will still take damage if they shoot at the table, and the table will eventually break after taking enough damage. Luckily, people do not usually check the table, so it is a great hiding spot.
House Map

A house as seen from the map

  • The oven in the kitchen is explosive and right next to the entrance. You can shoot it until it is about to explode and when someone comes in, fire off one last shot to make them go boom.
  • Dark Red House

    A Second Red House as seen from the map

    The red fridge in the kitchen cannot be broken nor be opened to provide you with supplies. Do not waste your time on it.
  • There is also a bush in the corner that you can hide in if you cannot hide under the table. People also don't usually check there. It is also breakable, and people can still damage you when you hide in it.
New Kitchen

The new kitchen from the Community Collage update


  • There is a bowl of fruits on the table. The bowl seems to have a banana and an orange in it.

Variant 2

The Second Red House is the darker variant of the regular red house. It was introduced in the "Community collage" update of November 29, 2018, and was originally designed by UMadBro. It is very similar to a normal house, just with a different interior, and a dark red roof.


The layout of the house is fairly basic, with two entrances, one near the corner, and the other in the center with a grill on the porch. It has a kitchen with an oven, fridge, and round table, a bathroom, a bedroom, and a main living room with a bush, rug, and a pillar in the center.
Interior of New House

The interior of a Second Red House


  • 1 small stand in the bedroom
  • 1 drawer in the bedroom
  • 1 toilet in the bathroom
  • 1 bookshelf in the living room


  • You can hide under the bush or the table to ambush players
  • Hiding in the bathroom is not an good option because someone can easily finish you off with a shotgun.
  • Using the pillar or fridge as indestructible cover can serve while battling in the house, but look out for grenades.