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The Police Station (looted)

Police Station Map

The Police Station as seen from the map

The Police Station is a Building type in added in the v0.3.4 "CSI: Ranchito" update along with the SCAR-H.


Police Station viewed from a 15x scope


The Police Station is the third largest building in the game taken over only by the Mansion and the Docks. It contains 5 main sections: a Main Entrance, a Locker room, a jail, the Control Panel room, and a parking lot.

The Main Entrance room is the first room that you see if you enter through the front door, it has a Bush, a Soda Machine, and destroyable wall to get in the Locker room. The Locker room is a small area with lockers that can be broken open for loot. In a recent update, a Fire Extinguisher was added on the wall facing the Lockers. The jail has five cells each containing a Toilet, and the cells are accessible by hitting a control panel in the Control Panel room (the box with the big red button on it). An orange Skin called The New Black can always be found in the last cell. Only 1 Police Station spawns per map. Be careful when looting the station because it usually is quickly transformed into a war zone.


Cell Terminal Activation


There a five cells in each station, one of which is broken and busted, allowing for an entrance. The cells can be opened by punching the Control Panel or pressing F while next to it. The control panel can be damaged and when destroyed, will explode, damaging nearby players. The first three cells will contain an item and a Metal Toilet, unlike the porcelain Toilets found elsewhere. These toilets can be broken for loot. Toilets containing sewage will contain two loot drops. The walls to the cells can be destroyed, allowing for easy access of the loot if the Control Panel room is obstructed or in some other way inaccessible. If someone breaks the Control Panel before its activated, the only way to get the loot is by breaking the walls.


Each station has a locker room containing 10 small lockers. Note that only 7 lockers will spawn in each game. Breaking open a locker will drop a loot item. Some of the lockers may have a golden knob on it, and will contain a rare loot item, like a SCAR-H, or a Level 3 Backpack, Helmet, or Vest.


Item Quantity Chances
Lockers 7 8/9 Chance for Regular Locker 1/9 Chance for Gold Locker
Fire Extinguisher 1 No Variants
Metal Toilets 4 5/6 Chance for Regular Metal Toilet 1/6 Chance for Used Metal Toilet
Floor Items 5 No Variants
Stand 1 No Variants
Vending Machine 1 No Variants


Police Station Logo

Icon on the floor

  • This is one of the four buildings in the game where a specific weapon has a higher chance of being found (SCAR-H), the others being the Desert Eagle in Mansion, the Vector in the Hydra Bunker and the SPAS-12 in the golden Hut (The only guaranteed one). The SV-98 at the Docks can also fall into this category, but the Docks are more of an area than a building.
  • The Police Station has more Toilets than any other Building, making it the highest chance to get a Poop Toilet.
  • The fourth cell is basically the same as the other cells except it is used as an entrance and the toilet is reduced into debris instead. It was made like that to show a prisoner breaking out of the Police station.
  • It's exclusive outfit, 'Orange is the new black', is a reference to the popular TV show of the same name.


  • Staying in Police Station early-game is a good way to engage in several fights to hone your skills.
  • If players are guarding the Control Panel, break the cell walls with your fists to obtain the loot.
  • Exploding the Control Panel will cause a massive explosion than can injure and kill many players.
  • When entering, be super careful as the Police Station is always a war zone.