Pistols are a type of weapon in The M9, G18C, and M93R use 9mm ammunition, the OT-38, uses 7.62mm ammunition, the DEagle 50 uses .50 AE ammunition, the Peacemaker and M1911 uses .45 ACP, and the Flare Gun uses Flare ammunition. The M9, M1911 and DEagle .50 are semi-automatic, whilst the OT-38 is double-action, the Peacemaker is single-action, the G18C is automatic, the M93R is burst, and the flare gun is single-shot. They may all be dual wielded except for the Flare Gun, and this doubles their capacity and fire rate (with the exceptions of M9, Desert Eagle, and M93R, where the fire rate is increased, but not doubled, and the Peacemaker, where the fire rate is actually slowed down) but also nearly doubles their reload times.


Image Name Ammo Description
M9 9mm (Yellow) The most common pistol in the game, firing 9mm. A single-wielded M9 is mediocre in every way, and so are dual-wielded M9's.
Glock 18C
G18C 9mm (Yellow) An automatic 9mm pistol. When single-wielded, it is directly inferior to the MAC-10. When dual-wielded, it is extremely strong but also becomes the least accurate gun in the game.
M93R 9mm (Yellow) A 9mm 3-round burst pistol with a 20-round magazine. A single-wielded M93R is a decent mid-range weapon, and dual-wielded M93R's are great at close-mid ranges.
OT-38 7.62mm (Blue) A double-action revolver (functionally the same as semi-automatic). Functions as a DMR both when single-wielded and dual-wielded.
DEagle 50 .50 AE (Black) A powerful semi-auto pistol that can be a great

mid-game weapon if you maintain your ammo. Uses special 50 AE (black) ammunition. If one waits 0.5 seconds between shots, each shot retains perfect accuracy. The Desert Eagle has first shot accuracy.

Peacemaker .45 ACP (Purple) A six-shot, powerful and accurate single-action revolver that is fired by fanning the hammer, basically turning it into a fully automatic handgun. Capable of first shot accuracy. If 0.35 seconds are given between shots, each shot retains perfect accuracy. This was only available in the "Desert Rain" update,and is currently available in the "Gunfight at The Deadeye Saloon" update.
Flare Gun Flare (Orange) A special weapon used only to summon an air drop. Does no damage itself, and uses its own ammo.
M1911 .45 ACP (Purple) A pistol introduced in the "Gunfight at The Deadeye Saloon" update. Similar to the M9. Features a much smaller magazine but also greater damage and accuracy.
OTs-38 7.62mm (Blue) A suppressed version of the OT-38. Found in Golden Airdrops and the Arctic Avenger crate. Only current dual-wielded weapon to spawn as a single drop. Has a unique texture similar to other rare weapons.


Pistols are distinguished by their ability to be dual-wielded; the player can fire two pistols of the same type at once. They are typically weaker than their full-sized equivalents, with their primary drawback usually being low magazine capacity.


  • Generally speaking, Pistols are weaker versions of other guns in the game.
  • A good reason to take a pistol is the potential to later find another pistol of the same type. Doing this will allow you to dual-wield these pistols, sacrificing some accuracy for much greater effectiveness at close range.
    • Every pistol except the Flare Gun can be dual-wielded.