Pills is an uncommon Healing Item in


The Pills are uncommon Healing Items. They can be found everywhere, and rarely just lying on the ground.

Upon consumption, the Pills boost your Adrenaline bar by 50%. They are one of three items that are able to fully heal you, the other two being the Soda and the Med Kit. The Pills have a lengthy use time of five seconds, which can be the deciding factor between life and death.

Like any other Consumable , it will make you move slower while taking them.



  • Make sure you are in a safe place when taking Pills or any other Consumables.
  • Pills are best used for quickly getting the Adrenaline bar full when it is low; taking two Pills saves two seconds over drinking four sodas.
  • However, if the Adrenaline bar is nearly full, it is best to use sodas; drinking one soda saves two seconds over taking one pill, and both will fully replenish your Adrenaline if it is nearly full.