The Oven is an Obstacle in It behaves similarly to the Barrel, deflecting bullets and exploding when destroyed. However, it takes 8 hits to destroy, in comparison to the barrel's 7. It is found inside Houses, Barns, and the Mansion.


The oven can be used to take out enemies hiding inside the kitchen of a House. During a Duo or Squad game, the oven may be an ideal last resort for taking out enemies who would kill you anyways. The blast would kill the enemy, but might knock you out, allowing your teammate to revive you. Do not shoot an oven that is smoking because, just like barrels, they would explode. Make sure to shoot from a distance if you want to use it as a weapon. You can take out squads of players with this as they would rush inside the house for loot but would go into the room, being greeted with a explosive surprise! You could also use this to redirect your bullets to your enemy as it has the same deflective properties of Barrels and Warehouse walls.