New Mosin Nagant

The New Model of Mosin-Nagant.

The 3-line Rifle Model 1891, or Mosin-Nagant (Russian: Винтовка Мосина, or Mosin's rifle) is a bolt-action Sniper Rifle in that uses the 7.62mm Ammo. It is the most common Sniper Rifle in the game.


The Mosin-Nagant is a bolt-action rifle that was invented in Russia in 1891. It was used by Russian snipers in World War 2 and has been in service for a long time. It is a very old gun; however, it still remains in use today with irregular forces.


Although the Mosin-Nagant is the most common and least powerful sniper rifle, it is nonetheless rare and very effective in skilled hands. Its high damage and accuracy allow for long range target acquisition. Although the Mosin will slow you down considerably after shooting, this can be avoided by quickswitching. This also swaps out the reload for it's pull delay (which is the delay upon selecting before you can fire it), which is shorter, allowing higher DPS if you stick to the Mosin.

Although the Mosin's high accuracy and bullet speed make it well-suited for long-range combat, its high damage per shot means that it is also might be useful in close quarters.




Swapping To


A fellow survivr holding the Mosin-Nagant



  • The Mosin-Nagant is best used at long range. A skilled Player can put the Mosin's high damage per shot to good use in close quarters, but doing so is trickier than using a Shotgun or automatic weapon.
  • Although the Mosin-Nagant has a long slow period after firing, this can be negated by quickly switching to another gun.
  • Get behind covers like a rock or tree, and peek every now and then to take a shot. This allows you to deal a great amount of damage whilst not exposing yourself to a dangerous amount of enemy rifle fire.
  • Line up your shot with targets that are standing still or moving in a straight line. Targets that are moving unpredictably will be hard to hit at long range.
  • Because the Mosin has a long delay between shots, missing a shot can leave you dead. Try to hit every shot, but also hide or quickswitch after every shot just in case you miss.
  • Pairing the Mosin with another sniper rifle allows the user to fire two shots in rapid succession. If another sniper rifle cannot be found, a shotgun (preferably the SPAS-12) can be used instead.
  • The Mosin and any other bolt action rifle can also be paired effectively with an automatic secondary weapon to finish off wounded opponents.
  • It is important to lead your targets. The bullet travels much more slowly than bullets from other guns, therefore taking more time to reach your enemy. By aiming a centimeter or so ahead, you can hit moving targets with much greater accuracy.


  • When fighting a Mosin player, move around with high adrenaline, since it is very hard to snipe while a player is moving.
  • The Mosin Nagant has a very slow fire rate with a low DPS meaning that directly firing at the Mosin user will most likely kill them first, unless your opponent knows how to quickswitch. When they run because of low health, cook a grenade and throw at them hiding behind an Obstacle.

Pros and Cons


  • High damage
  • Long range
  • High velocity
  • Very Accurate


  • Low fire rate
  • Low DPS
  • Lengthly reload when empty relod is not performed

Damage for Armors

Body Shots

72 No Helmet Level 1 Helmet Level 2 Helmet Level 3 Helmet/
Leader Helmet (Desert)
Leader Helmet (50v50)
No Vest 72 66.6 63.36 60.12 56.88
Level 1 Vest 54 49.95 47.52 45.09 42.66
Level 2 Vest 44.64 41.292 39.2832 37.2744 35.2656
Level 3 Vest 39.6 36.63 34.848 33.066 31.284


108 No Helmet Level 1 Helmet Level 2 Helmet Level 3 Helmet/
Leader Helmet (Desert)
Leader Helmet (50v50)
No Vest 108 81 64.8 48.6 32.4
Level 1 Vest 108 81 64.8 48.6 32.4
Level 2 Vest 108 81 64.8 48.6 32.4
Level 3 Vest 108 81 64.8 48.6 32.4


  • The Mosin-Nagant can still be used in the Fall event even though it is a sniper rifle, not an LMG or Shotgun, due to it still spawning from the cache.
  • The Mosin-Nagant formerly had the highest damage per shot of all weapons except Shotguns and was the only bolt-action sniper rifle in the game until the “Log and load” update, when the SV-98 was introduced, outclassing the Mosin in pretty much all ways.
  • When drawing the Mosin-Nagant, sometimes you can hear the bolt cycled. This is normal for other guns to indicate that you have drawn the weapon. However, you can also hear brass ejecting in the sound, meaning that whenever you pull out the rifle, you are ejecting an unspent round. Of course, the game doesn't reflect this in the ammunition capacity.
  • The image ID for the Mosin was previously "Enfield", which is a British-made bolt action sniper rifle. The image was previously also based on an Enfield rifle. This suggests that the Enfield was intended to be in the game, but was cut in favor of the Mosin-Nagant.
    • The image of the Mosin was changed in the Log and Load update to look like an actual Mosin-Nagant. As well as that, the image name was also changed to "Mosin".
  • Despite the bullet travelling through enemies and obstacles, the bullet will do 0 damage after that, making double kills impossible.
  • The Mosin-Nagant is the second oldest real-life gun to be in, with models dating back to 1891. The oldest would be the Peacemaker.
  • Some players like to nickname the Mosin Nagant the “Moist Nugget”.
  • It was the first Sniper Rifle ever in the game.
  • The old image of the Mosin-Nagant looked alike of the M870's image.
  • As of the ​​​​​​Danger Close update, it's the first weapon in the game to have two different reload times, with partial reload loading rounds "one-by-one", while all five rounds are loaded once on a full reload.
    • This is possible with the use of stripper clips, which are rounds held together with a piece of metal. This makes reloading old sniper rifles easier to reload as many old rifles have internal magazines built in the rifle. The drawback is that optics cannot be used unless they are off-centered as any optics may block the reciever space needed to load stripper clips. This is reflected in-game, as the the weapon is likely using off-centered scopes so to use stripper clips.