The Mk 12 Special Purpose Rifle (SPR), known as the Mk 12 SPR in-game, is a DMR in that uses the 5.56mm Ammunition. It is often compared to its similar 7.62mm counterpart, the M39 EMR.


The Mk 12 SPR is a powerful weapon due to its decent DPS, a laser-like precision, high bullet velocity, and range close to a Sniper Rifle. The gun can shoot almost as fast as you can click, with only 150 milliseconds between shots (approx. 6.7 times shots per second).




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  • Despite being a long-range gun, the Mk 12 has a higher base DPS than many automatic weapons, for example the MP5, and the DP-28.
  • Keep your distance as long as possible and leverage the fast bullet speed of 5.56mm ammo to land shots across the field. You can put out more damage than Assault Rifles in mid-to long-range even while moving due to the excellent accuracy.
  • When using the Mk 12, it is recommended to have a backup gun for close quarters engagements.
  • The FAMAS can be compared to the Mk 12. It features higher damage per second and better moving accuracy. However, it has noticeably longer slowdown, lower velocity, and arguably less shot controllability.


  • The Mk 12 SPR has a tiny random bullet deviation (spread), meaning that if you move around, most of the bullets won't hit you.
  • Hiding behind obstacles usually helps since most players will click the SPR slower than it's maximum fire rate, reducing its DPS drastically.
    • Should the user be a mobile player or is able to click the SPR quickly, engaging in close-range combat with a weapon like the [Mac-10] is an effective counter, due to the Mac-10 having a higher close range DPS than the SPR.

Pros and Cons


  • High damage
  • High fire rate for a DMR
  • Long range
  • Accurate


  • May be difficult to consistently click at its maximum fire rate

Damage for Armors

Body Shots

19.5 No Helmet Level 1 Helmet Level 2 Helmet Level 3 Helmet Leader Helmet
No Vest 19.5 18.0375 17.16 16.2825 15.405
Level 1 Vest 14.625 13.528125 12.87 12.211875 11.55375
Level 2 Vest 12.09 11.18325 10.6392 10.09515 9.5511
Level 3 Vest 10.725 9.920625 9.438 8.955375 8.47275


39 No Helmet Level 1 Helmet Level 2 Helmet Level 3 Helmet Leader Helmet
No Vest 39 29.25 23.4 17.55 11.7
Level 1 Vest 39 29.25 23.4 17.55 11.7
Level 2 Vest 39 29.25 23.4 17.55 11.7
Level 3 Vest 39 29.25 23.4 17.55 11.7


The Mk 12 SPR is a rare DMR that usually spawns in Treasure Chests, Chests, and in Airdrops. It also spawns as normal loot but is rare.


  • The Mk 12 SPR in-game features a 20-round STANAG magazine. In reality the rifle is most often used with a 30 round magazine, but in-game the weapon uses a 20 round magazine for balance purposes as confirmed by a developer.
  • The icon lacks any sort of rear sight due to its rather low quality. This would make aiming very difficult for the user in real-life without a scope.
  • The icon also features a foldable bipod.