The Mine is a Throwable that was released in the v0.9.4 Fairly lethal update on May 4, 2020. When thrown, it rests on the ground and is inactive except for a flashing red light until a Player, bullets, and other Throwables enter the near proximity, at which time it will explode.

A mine exploding


  • Takes 5 seconds to arm, and can arm by "cooking" (click/tap and hold), similar to Frag Grenades, however it will not explode until after you throw it and something moves into its range (a little after throwing), and will not explode in your hand, regardless of if someone comes within range, or you move around with it.
  • After being armed, when players, bullets, or grenades go within an short range of the mine, it will explode in 1 second with the same explosion type as a Frag Grenade, dealing 125 damage.
    • Bullets have either a really small range or are bugged as often when they are within 1 range they won't trigger the mine. Grenades have not been tested, but the player and exploding mines have a range of 3-5, no values are confirmed.
  • There's apparently a bug that force bullets and other players to ignore arm time. However, said arm time still apply to the user. This create an obvious advantage allowing mines to act like grenades and creating great cover for escaping.



  • For maximum effect, hide them in high traffic areas like doorways, Bunker exits, Air Drops, narrow corridors in popular Buildings, and the like. Your mines are almost certain to get a kill eventually due to the high amount of people passing through these areas. Early in the game, if you enter a building, close the door and throw a mine against it. If anyone tries to follow you into the building, the mine will most likely kill them. Of course, make sure that you leave yourself an exit.
  • Always use more than one mine when trapping an area, as one is often not enough to kill an armored player. Three or more are highly effective inside bunkers, and are capable of destroying whole squads foolish enough to stay grouped tightly together.
    • When placing multiple mines, be careful not to accidentally trap yourself.
    • Stagger your mine placements inside buildings and hallways so that if a player activates the first mine but is outside the blast radius when it explodes, the secondary mines will be activated by the explosion of the first and blow the player up.
  • If a person is inside a building or bunker, hide mines near the exits, so the player will be blown up when they attempt to leave.
    • If you are trapped like this, use a Smoke Grenade to destroy the mines, but make sure not to enter the smoke yourself.
  • Placing mines on top of loot is effective especially when near similarly colored loot.
    • You can also use Smoke Grenades to cause explosions to go off. This will also probably cause the loot to fly off into the distance, though.
  • A Poor Survivr Walking Torwards a Mine

    Placing mines underneath bushes/trees/other obstacles is also highly effective, they will be partially hidden and difficult to notice. If you place them in a cluster of trees, then it makes a good hiding place into a trap.
  • Since it can be cooked and will not explode in your hand, it can potentially be used similarly to a grenade.
  • You can trigger an explosion while being on the other side of a wall.
  • You can place a mine behind a door as some survivors may not notice that.
  • Three mine placements particularly effective against professional players (who instinctively check for loot and players) are as follows:
    •  Between the Barrel and entrance of a Shack, which has the advantage of secondary explosions from the barrel if the mine goes off.
    • Immediately inside an Outhouse, even if the Toilet is already broken.
    • Underneath Berry Bushes, especially if a barrel is nearby.
  • If you see your teammate strategically setting up mines somewhere, don't run through them and trip them off on purpose. This can draw attention to you, destroying the plan and ruining the chance for good kill.
  • You can turn mines into instantaneous Frag Grenades if paired with shotguns like MP220 or M1100 (any guns also works, as long as it has tight spread and is fast enough to set off the mines). You can pull off this trick by tossing few mines before switching to your gun to shoot the mines while midair. This will cause the mines to go off almost immediately as soon as you tossed them.
  • If you know you are about to die, you can cook a mine, and when you die it will drop where you died, potentially killing anyone going through your loot.


  • If stuck in a building with the exits blocked off, use a smoke grenade to activate the mines. Although bullets can also work, it is generally a bad idea as unlucky bullet spread can often cause the mine to remain active and shooting weapons inside buildings with reflective walls is dangerous.
  • If you are stuck in a single exit bunker, you can shut the door and set off the mine by going next to the door without opening it. This triggers the mine, due to your proximity, but you are behind an unbreakable door, so you are not harmed. This can also bait the player who placed the mines into entering the bunker, because he might think that you are low on health and healing up. You can then take him down and get his loot.
  • If a person is camping inside a building with mines scattered around the place, throw in a smoke grenade in order to trigger the mines which might even injure if not, kill the person inside.
    • This tactic works best on single exit Buildings such as Bunkers.
  • In the Space map, if you are near loot that you are not sure is safe, you can use a Pulse Box to reveal the hidden mines, although this will throw the loot off into the distance and potentially into the Red Zone.
  • If you don't trust the bush, shoot it. The same applies to doorways, Containers, and overlapping trees
  • If you notice a mine and are not actively in a firefight, you can "bait the bomb," which involves carefully moving closer to the mine until it stops blinking, then backing up in the opposite direction. If done correctly, you will take little to no damage while destroying the mine. This tactic works best with high Adrenaline as you will be able to move out of the blast radius more quickly.
    • Before attempting this, check the area for secondary mines. Smart players will often leave multiple mines hidden in an area, so be sure wary that you aren't trapped by secondary mine explosions.
  • Never run through mines, even if you are sure that it is your teammate's mine. It would be safe to assume that any mine can damage you and it would be wise to steer clear.


  • A similar proximity mine was added to the popular game Fortnite Battle Royale less than a month before the Mine was found in the image files. They also share a somewhat similar sprite. This can be either a coincidence, or reflects the way that Kongregate "plagiarized" features directly from other games, the issue some players criticize about a similar game called
  • The Mine was secretly removed from the game files on May 2, 2020 before being officially released in v0.9.4. It was added back for v0.9.4. This may be because of it being kept a secret.
  • A player who walks on a different layer (i.e. in a bunker) can trigger mines by being in the same space as the mine without actually stepping over it.


  • v0.9.4
    • Added
  • v0.9.3
    • Added images to game files, removed 2 days before v0.9.4