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Maps are the locations in which the game takes place. Survivrs battle using Buildings, Obstacles, and Crates to their advantage to win. The Normal Map is the map where most of the gameplay happens, but a new map is used for each event to happen. There are currently 19 different types of maps.

Normal Map

Main Small Map.png

The Normal Map consists of Grass, Trees, and other regular-climate terrain. The Normal Map has existed since the creation of the game, with updates adding new Buildings and Obstacles. When there are no events going on, the Normal map is where gameplay takes place.

Snow Map or Winter Map

Snow Map

Winter Map

The Snow Map, unofficially also called the Winter Map, was officially added in v0.6.9 on December 19, 2018, in the update "Snow-covered Island". It was hinted by the Saloon's Recorder.

Snow covers the grass and the water turns into ice. If a player does not move, this will cause them to Idle Freeze. Snowballs, a special Throwable, are common in this map as are Flasks, a special Consumable. The Tallow's Little Helper Skin can also be acquired in this map. Several buildings do not appear such in this map, some being the Greenhouse, Crimson Ring Club, Police Station, and others. Previously, many obstacles and crates had a re-skin (Air Drops and Trees being examples of those) but this was changed in the "Stay frosty" update on January 13, 2020. Compared to the older version, the January 2020 Winter Map now features a lighter color beach and riverbank. The water, being frozen solid, allows for players to slip and slide across. It is likely to return for every winter to come.

Main Spring Map

Main Spring Map.png

Teahouses are circled on this map

The spring map was added in the Awesome blossoms update on March 20th, 2019. This map has all of the regular buildings but features 2 (3 if squad mode is being played) Teahouses instead of Teahouse Complexes. Each Teahouse has a Chrysanthemum Chest that contains rare guns, the Naginata, and the map-exclusive Tsukuyomi no Kabuto, a Lvl. 3 helmet reskin. The trees on this map are in different shades of pink and the ground is a dark, vibrant green, a few hexes darker than the Normal Map. There are big trees that spawn throughout the map and there will be more trees along the river. If you look closely, you will see small pink leaves flying around, which are most likely supposed to represent cherry blossoms.

Main Summer Map

Main Summer Map

Added in the Scouting ahead update on June 25, 2019, this map holds the Summer Bloom event. It is similar to the Main Spring Map, but with more vibrant green trees and a Scout Hut instead of the Gold Hut. The Scout Hut contains a green Pot which drops an Island Time skin and a Scout Elite.

Desert Map

Desert Map.png

The Desert Map, also referred to as the Desert Rain Map, is the desert map variant that first appeared on September 22, 2018, in the "Desert Rain" update. The ground is made of sand and some obstacles were changed to a more western/medieval design, including adding tumbleweeds (bushes) and desert Withered Trees. In v0.6.5 it was made with increased Flare Gun spawns, but now lacks Bunkers (minus the chance of the Egg Bunker). The also update included the Desert Towns, with the bigger Desert Town containing the Saloon.

The Frozen desert brings the aged Greenhouse in the map that contains the Chrysanthemum Bunker, which has also been aged, with it. The next desert event, v0.7.1 "Danger close" brings a worn-down version of the River Town onto the map, which is always away from the river and always centered on the map. The map label by it is "Blood Gulch".

Woods Map


Woods map

The Woods Map, formerly known as the Autumn Map, was a temporary map for the v0.6.3 "Into the woods" update on October 28, 2018. The map features hundreds of trees to fit the autumn theme. Other than that, many major buildings from the Normal Map are missing, such as the Bank, the Docks, and the Police Station, among others. Instead, there are only Warehouses, Red Houses and Cabins. There was only one new location on this map, that being the Logging Camp where the USAS-12 and rare clothing items, spawned. In the "If a bunker opens in a forest ..." update, the skins Tarkhany Regal and Valiant Pineapple are added in the game in the Hatchet Bunker, and the Eye Bunker makes its second appearance. Autumn leaves can be seen falling from the sky, representing the seasonal atmosphere where the Woods map takes place.

Snow Variant

Snow Woods Map

The Woods Snow Map was first created in the Two survivrs walk into a BAR update. It is almost identical to the Woods Map, but this map had the presence of Snowballs. The buildings, as well as obstacles, are snow-themed, and the ground has snow instead of the olive-colored grass found in the normal Woods map. It was renamed to the "Woods Snow Map" in the v0.7.41 "Later Tater" update.

Spring Variant

Spring Woods Map

The Woods Spring Map was first created in the Hunt or be hunted update. It is almost identical to the Woods Map, but stylized to match the Main Spring Map. It also contains a Lake in the middle with an island that contains the Pavilion. Teahouses also spawn. The Grass is also darker than the Main Spring map, in addition to being more vibrant than the normal woods map. The map features The Woods King, a special role exclusive to the map. Players can become The Woods King by wearing the Shishigami no Kabuto, which grants the special perks Windwalk and Gift of the Wild. Once the Woods King dies, their helmet drops and can be worn by anyone else to become the next Woods King.

Summer Variant

Woods Summer Map

The Woods Summer Map was created in the "Take the throne" update. It is almost identical to the Spring variant, with green trees and light green grass instead to match the summer theme and atmosphere in it.

Storm Map

Storm Small Map.png

The Storm Map is a similar variant of the Woods Map. Many similar items and locations are present, such as the Woods King and the Logging Complex. However, new additions include Wind that changes movement speed, Players move slower while loot moves faster on the Water, Lightning strike the ground occasionally, and Storm Clouds that move around the map, dealing damage to survivrs underneath them through hail.

Halloween Map

Halloween Map

The Halloween Map, or the Spookiversary Map was added in the Happy Spooksiversary event. The differences this map brings include the water in the map being colored blood red, grass dark enough to hide .308 Subsonic bullet tracers, new Halloween-themed obstacles, such as dead trees, jack-o-lanterns, and candles. Its the darkest map in the game, taking place at night. It lacks the Docks, the Hydra Bunker, and the Conch Bunker. The map introduced the Eye Bunker, being the first bunker to require a code to access any loot inside. Due to the Halloween theme, it's likely to return every Halloween ('s anniversary) to come, as officially debuted Oct. 31, 2017.

50v50 Map

50v50 Map

Introduced in the Incursion recursion update, this map is similar to the Normal Map, but lacks in some areas, notably the Hydra bunker and the Crossing bunker. A very large river always shown cutting the map in half, with three extra-large bridges and River Town connecting the two sides of the map. The grass, bushes, and water are darker than the Normal Map, as well as Tree leaves being more vibrant. This map is available only on the limited time 50v50 mode, wherein duos mode were temporarily removed for the mode, introducing a different game mode from the standard modes.

50v50 Ultimate Sacrifice Map

50v50 Ultimate Sacrifice Map

A Memorial Day variant of the 50v50 Map added in the v0.9.4 "Fairly Lethal" update. Poppies now spawn along the River but is otherwise identical to the normal 50v50 map.

Potato Map

Spring Potato Map

Main Potato Map

Added in the Rotato potato update, it is almost identical to the Main Spring Map, however, it contains Potato (Throwable) and Potato (Obstacle). It also has the Potato game mode which means whenever you get a kill, the weapon you used gets swapped out with a different one of its type. Additionally, all emotes will display as potatoes. In the event, small potatoes can be seen falling in the sky along with pink leaves. Two map-exclusive weapons, the Potato Cannon and Spud Gun, is only available in this mode.

The main potato map, added in the Potatoheaded update, is similar to the spring potato map but uses the Normal Map instead of the Main Spring map, features the same potato obstacles and the Potato game mode as in the previous event. It also features the K-pot-ato helmet, which allows the Survivr wearing it to have a high chance of gaining high-quality weapons in the special game mode. This was later changed in the "Free Fryer" update with the addition of the Silo Shack.

Savannah Map

Savannah Map

The Savannah Map is a map that is added in the Perks of being a survivr update. It sports a yellow-green grass, larger than the normal map, rivers that don't always spawn nor crosses across the map, and with unique obstacles around the map. The map is similar to the Woods Maps, as certain weapon types are restricted in favor of other weapon types. The map bars Assault Rifles aside from the SCAR-H, high-quality SMGs except for the CZ-3A1, Shotguns and LMGs spawning in favor of increased spawn rates of DMRs and Sniper Rifles, as well as having perks spawning in the map.

Cobalt Map

Cobalt Map

Named after the bluish metallic element, the map has a general bluish/grayish colored ground, as well as synthetic trees, bushes and rocks instead of normal bushes trees and rocks. The water has a heavy blue color in it as well. Skins other than Ghillie Suit doesn’t spawn, but all players start with survivr class-specific gradient skins, instead of the skins from your Loadout. This map has the exclusive survivr class that players can become, getting specific gear for accessing Class Pods. The Twins Bunker makes an appearance here, bringing a pod that brings very rare perks to obtain.

Valentines Map


The Valentines Map was added in the Keep Your Enemies Closer update. It has the same Grass as the Normal Map but has pink trees like the Main Spring Map. It has rose bushes instead of normal bushes. It has exclusive buildings, weapons, consumable, and perks such as the Heart Cannon, Heart Frag, Candy Store, Cupid, and Chocolate Boxes. In buildings that contain a Soda Machine, there will be a purple Chocolate Box variant of it. All of the normal Buildings and Bunkers still spawn on this map.

Saint Patrick Map

St Patrick Small Map.png

The Saint Patrick Map is a map that was added in the v0.9.2 "Season 2 Has Arrived" update on March 9, 2020. This map brings with it several new features, such as the Rainbow Blaster and the Leprechaun Perk, among others.

This map has mint-green water that borders the map. The mint-green water can also be found in rivers that spawn as well. The grass is a darker shade of green. All of this green symbolizes the festival of Saint Patrick's Day.

May 4th Map/ Lasr Map

May 4th Small Map.png

The May 4th Map is a map that was added in the v0.9.4 "Fairly Lethal" update on May 4, 2020. This map brings with it a new gun, the Lasr Gun, and a new melee weapon, the Lasr Swrd.

The map is tinted bluish-purplish, with a thin purple river running through it. All normal structures spawn on this map.

Beach Map

Beach Large Map.png

The Beach Map is a map that was added in the v0.9.5b "Beach Party" update on June 15, 2020. This map brings with in an event-exclusive gun, the Water Gun, throwable, the Water Balloon, and consumable, the Popsicle, as well as the first non-cosmetic skin, the Speedo, all found only in Ice Boxes.

The map is tinted more yellowish-green than the normal map, while the water is a more saturated blue. All normal structures spawn on this map.

Contact Map

Contact Large Map.png

The Contact Map is a map that was added in the v0.9.6c "New Event: Contact Mode" update on July 13, 2020. This map brings with it the non-playable Skittrs, which spawn from the Mothrship, and the event-exclusive throwable the Skittrnade.

The map is tinted a deep blue-purple, while the water is a much brighter purple. All normal structures spawn on this map, as well as Crop Circles which contain Egg Crates.

Inferno Map

Inferno Large Map.png

Inferno Map is a map that was added in the v1.0.0 "NEW MODE: INFERNO" update on Nov 3, 2020. This map brings lava which gives Burning effect, and Pyro Crate which may drop Flamethrower, Nitro Lace, Foam Grenade, Pyro and Phoenix.

The map is tinted gray, while the water is replaced by lava with orange-coloured. All normal structures spawn on this map, as well as Lake and Aged Chrysanthemum Bunker.

Location names

Location names can be seen on the Minimap. Because maps are auto-generated, these have no actual meaning and actually clutter a player's view. Some of them are named after real locations or mean things in other languages.

  • Tarkhany (after a locality in Russia)
  • Sweatbath (slang for sauna)
  • Ranchito Pollo (means "chicken farm" in Spanish)
  • Ytyk-Kyuyol (means "Holy Lake" in Yakutian language -- after a settlement in Yakutia, Russia).
  • Fowl Forest
  • The Killpit
  • Pineapple
  • Todesfelde (means "Field of Death", after location in Germany)

Added for the second Desert updated:

  • Los Perdidos (Roughly translates to "The Lost Ones" in Spanish)
  • Atonement
  • Southaven

Added for the fourth Desert update:

Added for 50v50:

Added for Halloween Map (2019, 2018 had normal names):

  • Tarscary (replaces Tarkhany)
  • Bloodbath (replaces Sweatbath)
  • Ranchito Muerto -"Dead Farm" in Spanish
  • Strashny Prizrak - "scary ghost" in Russian; west of the map
  • Haunted Hollow
  • The Killpit is only once not replaced.
  • Pumpkin - replaces Pineapple
  • Fields of Death - replaces Todesfelde


  • Cordial Creek, replaced by Todesfelde


  • It is possible for a few notable features to not appear and spawn on map upon server creation.
    • Server creation is extremely quick, but internally, there are steps of buildings/obstacles getting added. Biomes will spawn first, then followed by buildings. The order of a building spawning is parallel to the order it was initially added in the game, so simple Red Houses and Barns will be among the first to spawn. Then comes the buildings added in a version after them, such as Mansions.
    • For example, very, very rarely Docks will not spawn on a map. This is because pre-spawned features such as rivers and other buildings have filled up a gap of where a dock can spawn, but if there isn’t a spot on the map where a dock can spawn at, then it will not spawn.
    • Another example is the rare sighting of a Silo Shack spawning off-center on the Potato Map. Similar to the Crimson Ring Club in the Cobalt Map, if other factors prohibit these structures from spawning in their natural locations, they will be relocated.