Player outside the Mansion.


Player inside the Mansion.

Mansion Map

The Mansion as seen from the map

The Mansion is a very large house and the second-largest Building in, added in the "Downwards is the only way forwards " in containing tons of loot and in the Secret Room (not any more) sometimes spawns the DEagle 50 Case which gives the DEagle 50.


The Mansion is a large, room-filled house filled to the brim with Helmets, Vests, and different Weapons. It has a second floor located near a few stairs in the front. A Green Shack is located close to the back entrance of the Mansion.


Near the stairs, you will find the DEagle 50 location, where, if you break the drawer closest to the room, will open a hidden door, in which either a Chest, a DEagle 50 case or a Dual DEagle 50 crate can be found. The Mansion seems to circle around, similar to a lobby in some sort of hotel. Taking the wooden stairs in the basement will bring you back up to the normal floor, while taking the gray stairs will lead you outside. There is also a Casanova Silks suit within the front of the lobby, appearing as a dark shade of red. In the center is a garden with a tree and bushes. Next to the lobby, there is a room that contains a Piano. When the piano is hit, it makes some off tune noises and then becomes silent. Unlike the piano in the Saloon, it does not play music.


The Mansion contains a second floor in the back lobby, near some wooden wreckage. This leads to the basement. The basement contains a Crate, a Drawer, two Wooden Barrels and 6 wall kegs. Wall kegs will sometimes have a gold diamond-shaped symbol on them. Kegs will drop a single loot item, while kegs with gold symbols drop two loot items (If it drops a Weapon, then it also drops some ammo with it.) Also there is a wooden barrel next to the stairs leading outside.

Player in the second floor, or "the basement" of the Mansion.


  • There is a (Now not-so) secret room where there is a very likely chance to find a DEagle 50 sometimes, very rarely Dual DEagle 50s (11% chance). It could be found next to the patio.
  • It is the first building to contain the floor system. The next one was the Saloon, with its cellar.
  • Has a broken upstairs, could lead to new level in the future
  • Second building to hold a higher chance of having a specific weapon, first being the Police Station with the SCAR-H.

    Mansion garden with a lotus flower

  • When on the main floor, noises in the basement will sound muffled. Vice versa, sounds on the main floor whilst in the basement will also sound muffled. The basement vibrates when a Frag Grenade explodes upstairs too!
  • In the changelog it says that the Mansion was owned by a wealthy Arms Dealer
  • The room where the Desert Eagle is stored is called a Saferoom while the metal room in the Barn is called a Panicroom.
  • The Chest in the Saferoom, when not a DEagle 50 Crate, often contains semi-rare rifles such as the AK-47, SCAR-H, M416, FAMAS, Mk 12 SPR, and the M39 EMR


  • There are Bushes in the center, you can hide in them and launch an ambush.
  • Try and score a DEagle 50, as nobody really seems to go for it, and it can help mid game and even end game.
  • Hiding in the basement and transitioning back to the main floor can help in juking out enemies.
  • Use Shotguns, MAC-10s, or Dual G18Cs as close quarter combat will be common in the mansion.
  • You can hide under the broken stairs for a sneaky ambush.
  • Try hiding in the DEagle room if you have a MP220 early game as people usually go there.
  • Spray and pray guns, such as the MAC-10 are useful here due to the tight corridors
  • Be careful if you come into the Mansion as this place has sometimes great loot, this place is usually a war zone.