Emote-happy-face.png This article is about gameplay that is only available for a limited time, and only appears in Events.

A fellow survivr holding the M9 Cursed

Standard M9 and M9 Cursed in the HUD

Not to be confused with M9, the original gun.

The M9 Cursed is a fictional Pistol added in v0.8.7 "Trick or Treat" update on October 26, 2019. It is functionally identical to the M9, but cannot be dropped like other guns and has infinite ammo. The only way to obtain the M9 Cursed is by getting the Dev Troll Special perk.



  • Any strategies with using the M9 also applies here.
  • It is technically better than a single M9 because it has infinite ammo.
  • If the player has another weapon, it should be used instead of the M9 Cursed because its stats are identical to a normal M9.
  • The player should be careful when picking up the Trick or Treat? Perk, as getting the M9 Cursed will delete the player's weapon in their 2nd gun slot.
  • The bullets fired have a very similar tracer color to .308 Subsonic ammunition, which may make enemies think twice.
    • This may be another troll by the original Developers to fool players into thinking that the M9 Cursed shoots high-damaging .308 Subsonic bullets.


  • Any strategies with countering the M9 also applies here.
  • Although it has infinite ammo, the M9 Cursed is still at its core an M9 and as such is outclassed by almost every other weapon.
  • The opponent effectively only has one weapon, and is unable to switch their second one out. Baiting them into unloading their main weapon can leave them for an easy pick, and so can luring them in with a rare weapon with a long reload.


Body Shots

12 damage No Helmet Level 1 Helmet Level 2 Helmet Level 3 Helmet Level 4 Helmet
No Vest 12 11.1 10.56 10.02 9.48
Level 1 Vest 9 8.325 7.92 7.515 7.11
Level 2 Vest 7.44 6.882 6.5472 6.2124 5.8776
Level 3 Vest 6.6 6.105 5.808 5.511 5.214
Level 4 Vest 4.8 4.44 4.224 4.008 3.792

Head Shots

24 damage No Helmet Level 1 Helmet Level 2 Helmet Level 3 Helmet Level 4 Helmet
No Vest 24 18 14.4 10.8 7.2
Level 1 Vest 24 18 14.4 10.8 7.2
Level 2 Vest 24 18 14.4 10.8 7.2
Level 3 Vest 24 18 14.4 10.8 7.2
Level 4 Vest 24 18 14.4 10.8 7.2



  • This is currently the only pistol that cannot be dual-wielded, if one ignores the Bugle, technically a pistol in the code.
  • The M9 Cursed is the first and only weapon to be given by a perk.
  • It's the first gun in the game that doesn't drop upon death, followed by the Bugle.
  • It's the fourth gun in the game with infinite ammo by default, with the others being the Potato Cannon, Heart Cannon and Spud Gun
  • This weapon referenced how the original developers (Nick and Justin) tended to troll players in the game, such as having the M9 very rarely spawn in many rare Loot Tiers.
  • The M9 Cursed has the same stats as the original M9 except that it has infinite ammo.
  • Before the v0.8.82 "Free Fryer" update, the M9 Cursed could be swapped from Potatoes on the Potato Map.
  • The M9 Cursed has a very dark tracer color, which is almost the same hex as the .308 Subsonic ammunition bullet color.
  • Dropping this weapon is possible using a glitch. By dropping your other gun and immediately switching at least 3 frames later the m9 cursed will drop


  • v0.8.82
    • M9 Cursed no longer spawns from Potatoes
  • v0.8.72
    • Added