Launchers are a type of Weapon in They are characterized by their high damage, slow movement speed when held, and explosion radius. Their main drawback is the large recoil experienced when firing, and they also slow the Player down dramatically when held. They are very rare in-game but are useful and destructive. There are currently three Launchers in the game: the Potato Cannon which is only available in the Potato Map, the Heart Cannon that appears in the Valentines Map, and the M79 which uses its own type of ammo called 40mm. All 3 launchers have a Deploy Group of 3.


Image Name Ammo Description
Potato Cannon Potato Ammo Potato Ammo The first Launcher to be added. High damage, with high recoil. Shoots explosive Potatoes, which also have the same effect as the throwable. Once shot, it explodes upon impact and unlike the USAS-12, it doesn’t have any shrapnel, instead, it has a ranged explosion. And like the Potato throwable, it slows the recipient down.
Heart Cannon Heart Ammo Heart Ammo The Valentines version of the Potato Cannon. Similar to the Potato Cannon, but has a different effect: it weakens every enemy who gets hit in the explosion radius (with the exception of Players who ate a Chocolate Box). The effect gets prolonged even longer if the user wears the Cupid Perk.
M79 40mm 40mm A Grenade launcher that fires one powerful grenade which explodes upon impact, including metal walls (does not reflect). Great for killing enemies in mid ranges/indoors but should be used wisely due to rare ammo.


  • Due to the slowdown, it is not advised to carry it when not reloading or shooting.
  • Try to shoot, then quickly switch to your melee or another gun. This will prevent the slowdown of the gun.
  • Launchers are exceptionally rare, so don't hold out in the open for too long, or a player will hunt you down.
  • It is also advised to sparingly use the M79 because it’s ammo is so rare, but this doesn’t apply with the other launchers because they have infinite ammo by default.


  • The Potato Cannon was the first launcher in game, added in v0.7.8 "Your tuber is here" on June 7, 2019. The Heart Cannon and the M79 were both added to the game in the v0.9.1 "Keep your enemies closer" on February 10, 2020.
  • The M79 is the first launcher to be usable in the Normal Map.
  • In real life, the M79 was the first of these launchers, being designed 1953-1960, while the RPG-7 (the inspiration for the Potato Cannon and Heart Cannon) was designed in 1958.