LMG stands for Light Machine Gun and is one of the nine weapon categories of LMGs usually have a high rate of fire, long range, moderate damage per bullet, large magazine size, and extra damage to cover. What sets LMGs apart from other automatic weapons such as Assault Rifles or SMGs is that LMGs slow the player down drastically when they are fired. In, there are four LMGS; the QBB-97, the DP-28, the BAR M1918, and the M249. All of these guns are rare in the game, but, if found, can be very effective in defeating enemies.


Name Ammo type Description
M249 5.56mm (Green) The M249 is an extremely rare, extremely powerful LMG. It has a magazine size of 100 using 5.56mm ammo, giving it the largest ammo capacity, which is balanced by the M249 having the longest reload time. It's best to reload when you are safe, even if your ammunition is not depleted. The M249 has an extremely high rate of fire. Even if you have a good amount of rounds left, reloading can save your life or the lives of your teammates in a firefight.
DP-28 7.62mm (Blue) The DP-28 has a lower DPS compared with the M249, and has a magazine size of 60 using 7.62mm ammo. It is very useful in situations where one doesn't have as much time to reload and likes using LMGs. For players who enjoy using LMGs, this weapon can be seen as a go-to, due to the rarity of the M249 and the QBB-97.
QBB-97 5.56mm (Green) The QBB-97 is similar to the M249 in that it uses 5.56mm ammo, but has a lower magazine size (75 compared to 100) and a shorter reload period. The QBB-97 is known to be found in airdrops, or in the gun rack and is an effective weapon at any point in the game. The QBB-97 may also spawn very rarely as world loot, such as in crates.
BAR M1918 7.62mm (Blue) Introduced in the "Into The Woods" update, this 7.62mm weapon provide a different playstyle from the rest of the LMGs. For a start, it sports the lowest magazine capacity of the entire class, sitting at 20 rounds per magazine, but compensates for having the fastest reload speed of the entire class, clocking at 2.7 seconds. With the stats mentioned, the BAR is unlike other traditional LMGs and can be treated more like an assault rifle, such as the SCAR-H. This weapon rarely spawns as world loot, but can spawn in airdrops and the hatchet crates in the Hydra Bunker.


An LMG is most effective at medium to long range, although they are vulnerable to Shotguns and Weapons with a high rate of fire, such as SMGs, at close range. LMGs have a lot of ammo making them effective against group attacks. LMGs are also useful for destroying breakable structures that players are using for shelter. LMGs are also great at providing suppressive fire, which is useful when teammates are healing, reloading, moving, or being revived.