The Hydra Bunker is an bunker added in the v0.3.6 "Three Heads Are Better Than One" update on May 10, 2018.

Update log

"The second largest bunker ever constructed on the island, Hydra bunker is the central subject testing facility for the Poultry Applications and Research on Metabolic Augmentation Initiative. Scientists at this bunker developed the serums responsible for enhancing test subject strength, speed, and pain tolerance. Find Hydra, and you may just find ..."


Hydra Bunker has multiple entrances and seven automatic doors, two leading into rooms with lockers, as well as a main entrance. This building is home of the 9mm Vector. The other two entrances are concealed by three trees in triangles. Two of the automatic doors are one-way and make a negative sound when approached from the wrong direction. 

When entering into the main room, you can see many specimen humans preserved in a strange tube that can be destroyed but drops no loot. You can enter a room which has two crates and a black Hatchet Case which can contain either a Vector, an M416, an MP220, an M9 (very unlikely) and an M249 (very rarely). In some rooms, you can find silver Bunker Crates

Once you enter the bunker from any entrance, you can only exit from the main entrance, unless you manage to sneak through a side door when someone else is entering. With this being said, if you trap someone inside, you can wait for them to come out and ambush them. 


The Hydra Bunker has been around the game for a long time and therefore a series of strategies have been employed on them.

  • Since all of the bunker contains metal walls, kills through ricocheted bullets are much prominent.
  • It is possible to camp the main entrance and ambush someone who exits the bunker.
    • Sounds of the doors moving help allow the camper to locate where the player(s) are.


  • It is the only building to have one way automatic doors.
  • It has the most explosives of any building.
  • It also has the most breakable loot boxes (crates, lockers, vending machines, toilets, drawers, barrels, and tables)
  • The Poultry Applications and Research on Metabolic Augmentation Initiative is a reference to Chicken Dinners.
  • The Hydra Bunker is one of the few bunkers that don't contain puzzles.
  • The update note suggests that the Hydra bunker is the second largest bunker on the island, implying that there could be an even larger bunker in the future.