Regular Hut (left) and Golden Hut (Right)


A survivir with a SPAS-12 and Island Time inside the hut.


Inside of a hut

Huts are small Buildings placed only on the outskirts of the map, away from the island, and are connected by a bridge to the mainland. It was added in the "Sun's out, guns out".Only 5 of them spawn in a game, and only one can be a Golden Hut. They look like a beach hut with a straw roof, and only have one window. They can be destroyed entirely.

Each contain between one and five small Pots inside, each containing anything, from Bandages to a M249. Golden Pots always contain the SPAS-12 and Island Time, and these only appear in Golden Huts. If the circle in the middle of the roof is yellow, that means that there is a golden pot inside. Only ONE Gold Hut spawns per map; the other four are regular huts.


  • You can hide in a golden hut, people will come hoping to get the SPAS-12, and when they do, ambush them.
  • The inside of the Hut is fully hidden from view until entering. If you're inside the Hut, you can ambush those entering.
  • If you're entering the Hut, move a little to the side of the entrance so you can still see in, but have the cover of the wall in case someone is waiting inside.
  • Another idea is to throw a cooked Grenade into the Hut, as the Hut is small enough that the grenade will hit whatever is inside.
  • The best way to loot a hut is to throw 2 Grenades inside, one will destroy all pots, the second will blow the entire Hut up.