A fellow Survivr holding a Hook.

The Hook is a rare Melee Weapon added in the 0.5.0 "Air drop it like it's hot" update on July 26, 2018. It can only be found in Treasure Chests. Unlike some Melee Weapons, like the knives, the Hook differs from Fists in more than just appearance, having a higher DPS due to a lower delay between strikes. In addition, the Hook can rapidly strike players by holding down the mouse button, making it the only "fully-automatic" melee weapon. You can still see a tiny part of the hand of the Player when equipped.



  • When an opponent is low on health or unarmed (in the beginning stages of the game), this can easily finish off the Player.
  • Another good strategy is to fill up your adrenaline bar, damage an opponent with. Shotguns, and finish them off with the Hook.
  • In terms of DPS, the Hook narrowly beats out the Wood Axe.
  • Despite its very low damage, making it the weakest Melee Weapon in the game in terms of damage, it can be very deadly if used correctly.


  • Try to stay away and shoot them with a Shotgun or SMG.
  • Try to dodge the hook user's strikes by going around them and hit them with a melee weapon.



18 damage No Helmet Level 1 Helmet Level 2 Helmet Level 3 Helmet Level 4 Helmet
No Vest 18 16.65 15.84 15.03 14.22
Level 1 Vest 13.5 12.4875 11.88 11.2725 10.665
Level 2 Vest 11.16 10.323 9.8208 9.3186 8.8164
Level 3 Vest 9.9 9.1575 8.712 8.2665 7.821
Level 4 Vest 7.2 6.66 6.336 6.012 5.688


  • It has the fastest attack speed of any Melee Weapon in the game.
  • Hand hooks are used to move heavy loads.
  • Hooks are believed to have been worn by pirates as a prosthesis.
  • When breaking a Treasure Chest, the Hook is not a guaranteed drop, although it's likely.
  • The hook is the only melee weapon that cannot destroy a Locker or Deposit Box in one hit.