Helmets are a type of Equipment in that can be used to reduce damage taken from headshots and attacks, and appear as a circle on your head in the colors blue, light gray, black, and black with star They may be found on the ground randomly, in Crates (especially Soviet crates), in Toilets, Bank deposit boxes, the Pirate chest, shipping containers, and inside buildings. Helmets reduce headshot damage by their damage reduction value, and also reduce body shot damage by 30% of their headshot defence. Level 1 helmets are common and resemble a motorcycle helmet, Level 2 is uncommon and resemble a military soldier's helmet, and Level 3 is rare and resembles a Spetsnaz helmet.


Image Level Description Headshot Damage Reduction Body Damage Reduction (30%)
Level 1 It appears blue on the player and resembles a motorcycle helmet. 25% 7.5%
Level 2 It appears grey on the player and resembles a military helmet. 40% 12%
Level 3 It appears black on the player and resembles a Spetsnaz helmet. 55% 16.5%
Leader Helmet (Level 3) It appears as a black circle with a yellow star on it. 70% 21%


  • Get a helmet or vest as fast as possible in-game, to improve your survival rate.


  • Helmets defend with their full defense against headshots, and 30% of that against normal body shots.

Individual Helmets

Level 1 Helmet

The Level 1 Helmet is the first Helmet in game, also the most common and reduces the least damage. It appears blue on the player and as a circle. It reduces 25% of headshots and reduced 7.5% of body damage.

Level 2 Helmet

The Level 2 Helmet is the 2nd Helmet in the game, after the Level 1 Helmet, also the 2nd rarest Helmet in game. It appears light gray on the player and appears as a circle. It reduces 40% of headshot damage and 12% of body damage.

Level 3 Helmet

The Level 3 Helmet is the 3rd Helmet in, after the Level 1 Helmet and the Level 2 Helmet. It is colored black and reduces 55% of headshots and 16.5% of normal hits.

Leader Helmet

The Leader Helmet is the 4th Helmet in It was added in v0.7.0 "Incursion recursion" update and is given to the team leader only. It does not drop upon death.

Initially it was a level 9 helmet, but this was changed soon after.