Not to be confused with Groza-S, the suppressed version of the Groza.

A fellow Survivr found 3 Grozas in one Treasure Chest

A fellow survivr holding the Groza

A fellow survivr shooting the Groza

The Obrazets TsKIBa-14 Groza (Russian: ОЦ-14 "Гроза", meaning Thunderstorm), designated as the Groza-1, and known in-game simply as the Groza is a bullpup Assault Rifle that uses 7.62mm ammo. It was released in the v0.7.7 "Clubbed to death" update on May 30, 2019.


This rifle is as common as the FAMAS. It is similar to the M416 because of its low moving accuracy and high fire rate. This gun is optimized for close to mid-range combat. Unlike most rifles, the Groza is not very effective at long range for the reasons mentioned above. Nonetheless, with its high DPS, the Groza can quickly eliminate most opponents and is still a formidable weapon.



  • The Groza is an excellent mid-to-short-range weapon due to its high damage and fire rate.
    • However, this weapon falls off at long range, so try to get closer before using it as you can be easily picked off by a longer-ranged assault rifle.
  • This weapon can be seen as an upgraded AK-47, and as such can be used for more aggressive plays than the latter. The Groza wins against most other assault rifles at mid-range, meaning you should try to engage whenever possible.
  • Because the Groza performs poorly against obstacles, grenades are an excellent accompaniment to this gun. Use them to flush out enemies and to lead into a fight.


  • Since the Groza is inaccurate in longer ranges, use a long-range gun such as a Sniper Rifle or a DMR.
    • The M416, while inferior at close range, can deal some damage to the Groza user at long range due to its superior accuracy.
  • Using an LMG may also work, as most of them have better stats and can win a fight against a Groza.
  • At close range, shotguns are the best defense against the Groza. SMGs like the Vector or MAC-10 also work but may become nonviable later in the game.
  • Hiding behind Obstacles can give you time to heal and relieve pressure, and indestructible obstacles such as the Silo can stall a Groza user.



Body Shots

12.5 damage No Helmet Level 1 Helmet Level 2 Helmet Level 3 Helmet Level 4 Helmet
No Vest 12.5 11.5625 11 10.4375 9.875
Level 1 Vest 9.375 8.671875 8.25 7.828125 7.40625
Level 2 Vest 7.75 7.16875 6.82 6.47125 6.1225
Level 3 Vest 6.875 6.359375 6.05 5.740625 5.43125
Level 4 Vest 5 4.625 4.4 4.175 3.95

Head Shots

25 damage No Helmet Level 1 Helmet Level 2 Helmet Level 3 Helmet Level 4 Helmet
No Vest 25 18.75 15 11.25 7.5
Level 1 Vest 25 18.75 15 11.25 7.5
Level 2 Vest 25 18.75 15 11.25 7.5
Level 3 Vest 25 18.75 15 11.25 7.5
Level 4 Vest 25 18.75 15 11.25 7.5


  • In real life, the OTs-14 Groza has two variants, the Groza-4 and the Groza-1. The Groza-1 uses 7.62×39 rounds, while the Groza-4 uses 9×39mm Subsonic rounds.
    • The Groza in-game is supposed to be the Groza-1.
    • It is the first weapon manufactured by Obrazets TsKIBa, with the second being the OTs-38.
  • The weapon was first designed in 1989 and first produced in 1994, the same year as the AN-94, coincidentally.
  • The OTs-14 is used in Russian special task forces such as the Spetsnaz.
    • What can be referenced from this, coincidentally, is that the Level 3 Helmet resembles a Spetsnaz helmet, and the Siberian Assault's internal code, outfitSpetsnaz, can imply it is based on something of the Spetsnaz.
  • It, along with its suppressed version, are the fourth and fifth bullpup style weapons added in the game, respectively.
  • The Groza was conceived by oofer, also known as ithinknotdumbo. The developers took inspiration from his concept to add it to the game.
  • The Groza is very similar in design to the AK-47.
  • The Groza has a weapon quality of one, so it can drop with the Rare Potato Perk equipped.
  • The reload sound is very similar to that of the USAS-12.
  • This specific variant is designated the OTs-14-1A-01, with the shortened barrel and the vertical foregrip/flash hider combo.


  • v0.7.8
    • Changed Gun Position
  • v0.7.7
    • Added