The Green Shack is a Building found in the Docks. The Green Shack is an olive green shack that always spawns a Barrel next to it. The Green Shack always contains one item, including any consumables, varying ammo (not special types such as .50 AE, Flare, or the .308 Subsonic). any level of Helmets and Vests, any Scope, and any level of Backpack, or a Weapon with the default amount of Ammo. The building is destructible as it can break with a few punches or by a barrel as a Barrel as said above, is located next to it. There are two Green Shacks at the docks. Unlike the regular shacks, there is no opening on its roof and the Green Shack is smaller than the regular ones.


  • Due to how small the Shack is, shoot the Barrel nearby the shack until it explodes to damage enemies hiding in there.
  • When looting the Docks, it is advised to skip the Shacks, as the rest of the Docks has a greater density of loot.