The Fire Extinguisher is an Obstacle in added in the "Sun's out, guns out" update. When destroyed, it releases a cloud of smoke, similar to a Smoke Grenade, but with a much larger smoke cloud. It takes 4 hits to destroy. Extinguishers can be found in the the Bank, Police Station, the Conch Bunker , the Hatchet Bunker and the Hydra Bunker. They were added in the v0.4.2 update, the same update that introduced Huts and Pots. They are found attached to walls and (as shown in the picture) are bright red.


Broken (Needed)



  • Fire extinguishers are useful for many of the same reasons as Smoke Grenades; obstructing the view of enemies, and providing cover for reloading, healing, moving, or reviving. Especially since its found in many popular Buildings you can use it if you got injured and heal up.
  • One tactic involving either fire extinguishers or smoke grenades is to run into the smoke created by them, and drop grenades, which enemies will not be able to see.
  • The Fire Extinguisher actually gives a much bigger smoke cloud than smoke grenades. Use them over smokes whenever possible.


  • In real life, if you puncture a hole in a Fire Extinguisher, it would just spray foam everywhere. It would probably spin in circles too, if it's not attached to something (not responsible for damages caused if you actually tested this.).