The ranks show how you good you are. Your rank depends on your total amount of kills. Ranks are used in Fanon:Player List.

Start at Level 1. Look at your kills in the game. Then round it to 10 to get your rank.

LVL1---Newbie--- Welcome to the world. (0 Kills)

LVL2---Baby--- You're learning about the world around you. You're still a noob. (10 Kills)

LVL3---Toddler--- You can hold a gun and kill with shotguns. (20 Kills)

LVL4---Child--- You got a chicken dinner but you're not a pro yet. (30 Kills)

LVL5---Noobish Pro--- You can get some fist kills and win more chicken dinners. {40 Kills}

LVL6---Teen--- Your average. Welcome to the Battle Royale! (50 Kills)

LVL7---Adult--- "Hand me over duel M9's. I want to get that guy over there." (60 Kills)

LVL8---Thug--- You don't need the rules. (70 Kills)

LVL9---Dark Horse--- The other players don't know about your skill, but you murder them. (80 Kills)

LVL10---Gunner--- Officially Pro. (90 Kills)

LVL11---Hunter--- You kill for sport. (100 Kills)

LVL12---Gladiator--- You can get 4 kills with fists. (150 Kills)

LVL13---Champion--- You win as much as you breathe. (200 Kills)

LVL14---Judge--- Just say if they are gonna die and they soon will. (250 Kills)

LVL15---Executioner--- Clean up the battlefield. (300 Kills)

LVL16---Destroyer--- Blow up the battlefield. (350 Kills)

LVL17---Hero--- "No. I used fists." (400 Kills)

LVL18---Hades--- You own the keys to the underworld. (450 Kills)

LVL19---Zeus--- Strike your enemies with lightning. (500 Kills)

LVL20---Bored Gamer--- There's no point in playing anymore. (600 Kills)

LVL21---Hercules---Solo Squads is easy dude. (700 Kills)

LVL22---Supernova--- Blow up the world. (800 kills)

LVL23---General---You can make people obey you by just spawning (900 kills)

LVL24---Ultrapro--- You never saw the death screen again. (1000 Kills)

LVL25---S.W.A.T.--- You are a tank. Try winning with smoke grenades. (1100 Kills)

LVL26---Legend--- You are a master. You don't need healing items. Just kill everyone with fists. You throw Duel Desert Eagles into the red zone. You can win by just standing still. (2000 kills)

LVL27---Ultragod--- You are insanely good at surviv. Your friends always want you to carry them. M249s aren’t good against you. (3000 Kills)

LVL28---Myth--- You go down in history. You get first place on every leaderboard. Why even play? (4000 Kills)

LVL29---Thanos--- Huh? Fortnite? Infinity War? Well, that's you. Thanos. You rule the world. Just snap your fingers to win. (5000 Kills)

LVL30---Creator--- You created battle royales. You are the master of all of them. What's the point of playing?. (10000 Kills)

LVL31---God Himself--- You created this universe. Your best weapon is an M9 with 1 bullet. Just give up. (1,000,000 Kills)