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In, special Events occur for a limited time, modifying loot chances, introducing new weapons, and more. While most are Squad only, some, such as Egg-stravaganza, Happy Spookiversary and seasonal Events were different. Several Updates have the same event name, as shown by's social channels. In the v0.9.2 "Season 2 Has Arrived” update, Event Rotation was introduced, and it would cycle between events daily.


List of Events


Taking place on the Normal Map, Eggs were added as a seasonal Obstacle, which dropped skins that mimic Obstacles around the map and also gave a mini speed boost that stacked when other eggs were broken before the speed boost ran out.

Meteor Shower

Taking place on the Normal Map, the only change is that Flare Gun spawns are massively increased. This was a prelude to Desert Rain.

Desert Rain

Taking place on the Desert Map, Flare Gun spawns are massively increased, Banks have a massively increased chance to contain Gold Deposit Boxes, .45 ACP weapons making an appearance, taking place of 9mm weapons that don't spawn generally. This event has recurred multiple times, changing as time goes on.

Into The Woods

Taking place on the Woods Map, LMGs and Shotguns are the only weapons that can spawn normally, as well as doubled Frag Grenade amd Smoke Grenade Capacity. This event was the first to do anything to the map besides re-texturing it and has recurred multiple times, changing as time goes on.

Night Falls On

Taking place on the Halloween Map, skins that mimic objects around the map were added, as well as the Eye Bunker.

Turkey Shoot

Taking place on the Normal Map, it introduced the M1100. In the event, when a player gets hit or is killed by the M1100, a special effect of red feather Particles are shown, if they pick up the perk, Perky Shoot which was only obtainable during this event.

Snowball Effect

Taking place on the Snow Map, Snowball Crates and Snowballs were added, as well as retextured Obstacles and Crates, such as Bush, Meteor Crate, and Soviet Crate.


Taking place on the 50v50 Map, instead of being divided into small groups, there are two large groups called Factions. Map has a special layout to prevent both factions from being able to attack each other right off the bat. It is the only event to have a gamemode of it's own.

Ultimate Sacrifice

50v50 Ultimate Sacrifice is a new type of 50v50. Adding poppy which heals you after you break them and is found close to the river in 50v50 map. When you become a Commander you will not receive a flare gun instead you receive DEagle 50 with only 7 rounds. When a Commander dies, it will summon Bubbleshield that can protect the players inside, and additionally, will summon a Military Air Drop.

Spring Fever

Taking place on the Main Spring Map, it is mostly a re-texture of the Main Map, with slightly more trees, and the presence of Tsukuyomi no Kabuto.

Rotato Potato

Taking place on the Potato Map, it is an April Fools update, like Egg-pocalypse. It introduced Potato (Throwable), which is identical to Snowballs in function, and Potato (Obstacle), which swaps the weapon that destroyed the Potato with a random weapon. Killing other players with a weapon during this gamemode also swaps the weapon. Breaking a potato also has a chance to give a perk.

King of the Woods

Taking place on the Woods Map. Key things include the same things as the Into the Woods events, The Woods King role from the Shishigami no Kabuto, as well as Pavilion located in a Lake and Teahouses are brought to this map.

This has replaced the Into the Woods event.

Summer Bloom

Take place in the Main Summer Map, which is similar to the Main Spring Map, but with vibrant green trees and has a unique Scout Hut as one of the five Huts. It contains a green Pot which contains an Island Time skin and a Scout Elite.

All Perked Up

Take place on the exclusive Savannah Map. Only low-tier SMGs and Pistols, as well as Sniper Rifles and DMRs spawn, with the latter two's spawn rate being massively increased. Many Buildings are absent, but it introduces many Buildings, Obstacles and Area, notably Savannah Stone, Hunting Perch and large Savannah Patches. Lootable Perks are found across the Map, and a Player can only own a Perk in once. Additionally, Kill Leader displays on the map.

Class Warfare

Take place on the Cobalt Map. The map is mainly in shades of blue, and many of the obstacles and crates are synthetic. A Twins Bunker sits in the middle of the map. Players can choose from 6 Classes which gives different kinds of perks, namely Scout, Medic, Sniper, Demo, Assault and Tank.

Season 2 has arrived

This update brought St. Patricks + White Day Event, including the St. Patrick's Map, Growler, Leprechaun Perk, and Survivr Pass 2 Items.

To Measure is to Manage

This update made a redo and introduction of the Post Results, and put forward the Easter Event.

Sinko de Ammo

This Event takes place on a modified Desert Map, the Cinco de Mayo Map. 2 Piñatas spawn at the first shrink time.


This takes place on the Woods Map. The map is the same with the eye bunker and the Woods King . This event has the weather against or for you, the wind can ether slow you down or speed you up. This event also has storm clouds blowing around and occasional lightning strikes.

Event Updates


Egg-stravaganza was an event that occurred during Easter, lasting April 1-2, 2018. It introduced a seasonal obstacle which was an Egg.

Meteor Shower

Meteor Shower was a squad-only event that lasted August 9-11, 2018. It promoted the recently-added feature of Air Drop. Desert Rain is similar to the Meteor Shower event, however it was played on a different desert-themed map.

Desert Rain

This is part one of the Desert Rain series of events, the second being Gunfight at the Deadeye Saloon.

Desert Rain was a squad-only event that lasted September 22-24, 2018, introducing a desert-themed map and increasing flare gun spawns. The .45 ACP ammo type was introduced alongside the Model 94 lever-action repeating rifle and the Peacemaker revolver. The ammo type, alongside the guns, are no longer found in the game. The Bowie knife was added to the game for all modes while the Poncho Verde skin and Cattle Crate appeared only on the desert map. Poncho Verde also appears in the Autumn (Woods) map in the Hatchet Bunker as a guaranteed spawn.

Into the woods

This is part one of wooded events, the second being If a bunker opens in a forest...

Into the Woods was a squad-only event that lasted October 18-22, 2018, introducing a wooded map themed to autumn. The Fire Axe, BAR M1918 light machine gun, and the MIRV Grenade were added to all game modes while the Woodcutter's Wrap skin, Hatchet Bunker, and USAS-12 shotgun, were exclusive to the limited-time map.

Happy Spookiversary

Happy Spookiversary was the first solo-only event in the game, that lasted October 29-31, 2018, in celebration of the one-year anniversary of the game. It coincided with Halloween, allowing users to use costumes that blend in with the environment. It added the Eye Bunker and set of obstacles to the game for a limited time. It was first hinted on October 22 at the end of the Into the Woods event.

Gunfight at the Deadeye Saloon

This is part two of desert-related events, the previous being Desert Rain and the next being Frozen Deserts.

Gunfight at the Deadeye Saloon was the name for the second instance of the Desert Rain event, which applied to squads only as it did before, and lasted from Nov. 9-13, 2018. The event brought back the Peacemaker and Model 94. The event introduced the M1911 pistol and M1A1 SMG. A Vector variant using .45 ACP was introduced, the first gun variant in the game (excluding dual pistols.)

9mm guns were said to be impossible to find during this event, but many people found guns such as the MAC-10 and the UMP9. It was hinted in the Androided Up update.

Turkey shoot

This update introduced the Turkey Shoot event, and is currently the only update that holds this event.

After the Event, the M1100 can be found as a very common world loot, or in Cabins on Wall Mounts.

If a bunker opens in a forest...

This is part two of the Woods events, the first one being Into the Woods.

If a bunker opens in a forest... could be seen as a sequel to the Into the Woods event, beginning on December 6, 2018. The new event introduced the Stone Hammer, which is able to break Hardstone Blocks scattered around the map. It also marked the return of the Fire Axe, USAS-12, the Hatchet Bunker, and the Eye Bunker. The Peacemaker also returned (a Desert Rain exclusive.)

Frozen deserts

This is part three of desert-related events, the previous being Gunfight at the Deadeye Saloon, and the next being Danger close.

Frozen deserts is the third desert-based event. This one introduced newer weapons, the aged Greenhouse, and the now-important Stone Hammer. In this version two towns spawn apart from each other, one being the main town from the other two, and the other being a smaller variant with similar buildings. This version also includes a run-down version of Chrysanthemum Bunker, and airdrop crates that include stone hammers. This version of the bunker includes the first and second codes being already solved, the glass barrier removed, and the final room now being accessible though use of the Stone Hammer. Its contents allude to a future winter-themed map and update.

Snow-covered island

This is the first event with the Snow Map.

Snow-covered Island is the first event containing the Snow Map. It introduced the OTs-38, a similar gun to the OT-38. It also made the addition of Snowballs, which can be thrown at enemy players. Although it did not add any new buildings, it did change the Airplane to Santa's Sleigh. It also introduced the Arctic Crate.

Two survivrs walk into a BAR

The Woods Mode returns on the Woods Snow Map, in which the floor is matte white, Snowballs can be found, and Buildings' roof are partially snow-covered.

Incursion recursion

This is the first event with the 50v50 mode.

This event introduced the Faction Mode. In this mode, players enter the game and are put into the Blue team or the Red team. On each team, a player is randomly selected as the Leader. The Blue Leader gets the AN-94 and the Tallow's Kukri knife. The Red Leader gets the Super 90 and the Machete Taiga knife. Both teams fight each other and once one team eliminates everyone on the other team, that team wins. Also introduced Military Air Drops, which contain much more loot than normal. For the map, there is always a large river going horizontal or vertical across the map, a miniature dock/town in the center of the map, and Extra Large Bridges.

Danger close

This is part four of desert-related events, the previous one being Frozen deserts.

This event reintroduced many of the 50v50 items, including the weapons, melee weapons, crates, and faction statues. It also brought an event-only throwable, Strobes.

Great clips

50v50 has returned, adding Strobes to the golden Air Drops, as well as the Lieutenant which introduced the Firepower Perk.

Awesome blossoms

Introduced the Main Spring Map, Teahouse, and Naginata, but is mostly identical to the standard game.

Rotato potato

Introduced the April Fools Potato Map. When you break a Potato or get a kill, the item used turns into another random of its type.

Hunt or be hunted

The Woods Spring Map was introduced but this time the event is not "Into the Woods" but is "King of the Woods" event. Added the Lake, Pavilion, and Shishigami no Kabuto.


This is the fifth of the Desert Rain events.

Aged Lieutenant Helmets now can be found under the Aged Faction Statues, replacing the Commander Helmet. This helmet gives the wearer Firepower perk.

The PKP Pecheneg also spawns more frequently in Golden Air Drops from now on in every Desert Rain event, as well as the recording outside the Saloon was removed.


This is the second occurrence of the Potato event.

This event takes place of the Main Map variant of Potato event instead of the Spring one. K-pot-ato now can be found rarely, and grants the wearer Rare Potato perk.

Pills here

This is the third of the 50v50 events.

In this event, one Medic is chosen for each team. The Medic has the Mass Medicate perk, which allows the Medic to heal and revive the teammates surrounding himself. The Bonesaw is also added for the Medic and appears rusted.

Your tuber is here

This is the third of the Rotato Potato events.

Potato event returns with the addition of the Potato Cannon. It uses a special type of ammo, which is brown but do not drop, however, is already infinity in the player's HUD. The Potato Cannon shoots explosive hardened Potatoes.

Scouting ahead

In this update, the game modes are split into two events: the first Summer Bloom (Solo and Duo) and the sixth Desert Rain (Squad).

The Desert Rain event is largely the same as before, except P30L can spawn in Hardstone Boulders and a large amount of 9mm Ammo can be found in the Golden Eye Chest. The Summer Bloom event lasted until the Dethroned update.

This update also made BAR M1918 a Woods Map exclusive.

Take the throne

This is the second of the King of the Woods events.

This update gives introduction to the Summer variant of the Woods Map. It is mainly a cosmetic change to the Woods Map, stylized like the Main Summer Map.

They see me role-in

This is the fourth of the 50v50 events.

This update is largely the same as before, except Dual P30L can be found in Gold Military Air Drops as Tier Airdrop Mythic loot, and removed recorders from the Crimson Ring Club and the Alternate Barn.

Potato, potahto, rotato, rotahto

This is the fourth of the Rotato Potato events. This update contains nearly nothing new, only with the new Weapons obtainable through Potatoes.

All you can shoot

This is the sixth of the Desert Rain events.

This update brings Savannah Patch to the Desert Map. It contains a Cloud Crate, which can drop DMRs, Sniper Rifles, a Level 3 Helmet or a Marksman Helmet. The Marksman Helmet gives the wearer Endless Ammo perk, which lets the wearer reload without consuming Ammo from the inventory.

Splinter shell

Savannah Patches are introduced to the Woods Map, with 3 per Map instead of the former 1. Cloud Crates now give the Marksman Helmet (Woods), which gives with Splinter Rounds Perk when worn. The tree amount is also decreased, and many Clearings are added.

Small Potatoes

Savannah Patches are introduced to the Potato Map, and the Cloud Crate now gives the Marksman Helmet (Potato), which gives the Small Arms perk when worn.

The perks of being a survivr

This update introduced the All Perked Up event, the Savannah Map and five Weapons (VSS, Mk 20 SSR, BLR 81, SVD-63, and L86A2).

One man army

This update introduces the Marksman and the Lone Survivr to the 50v50 Map.

Perky potatoes

Potatoes now drop one item from Tier Potato Perks, as well as the new weapons that are introduced to this map via Potatoes.

.45 in the chamber

Introduced Mk45G and several perks exclusive to the Desert Map and the Savannah Map, namely .45 In The Chamber, Broken Arrow and Fabricate.

Knuckle down

This event is largely the same as the previous King of the Woods event, with only the Alternate Barn got removed from the Woods Map.

Proxy party

This is the second of all Savannah events.

This event added Revivify and 9mm Overpressure to the Savannah Map. As part of the update, official proxy sites are allowed to log in via Google or Discord.

Trick or treat

This is the second of the Halloween events.

This event added Red Pumptatos which give Trick or Treat?, which, when looted, change to either a trick or a treat Perk. Trick perks give disadvantages and awkward situations to the player, while treat perks buffs a specific type of ammunition bullets which makes advantage. Red Pumptatos can also rarely drop XP Artifacts which gives Pass XP towards the Survivr Pass 1. This update also introduced several Halloween Skins to the map.

Two years and counting ...

Changed Squad Mode from Halloween into Potato Mode. The Potato mode is the same as the previous one.

Full meal deal

Guns from Military Air Drops come packaged with ammo. If the gun is picked up the ammo is automatically given to the player.


Added exclusive Perks to Desert Mode, namely Flak Jacket and Explosive Rounds.


This potato event is the same as the previous Potato event.

Fowl Play

This update adds Green Squashes which act similarly to Red Pumptatos, with the exception of drop Perky Shoot perk instead of the Trick or Treat? Perk. Bone of Gordon is also added to the list of XP Artifacts.

Additionally, Fowl Facade is also added to Survivr Pass 1. Players are able to get it in Level 30.

Stay classy

This update introduces Cobalt Map/Mode.

Sound the charge

This update introduces Recon, which has the Small Arms Perk, Grenadier, which is given Flak Jacket Perk, and the most important, the Bugler, which is given Inspiration and Last Breath Perks as well as a Bugle. Promotion orders are also changed.

Free Fryer

This update introduces Silo Shack. Inside is a breakable Silo that drops a Spud Gun when destroyed.

Solo Potato mode lasted 1 week while Squad lasted 2 weeks.

Stay frosty

This update brings Polar Bear and Snow Fox perks, as well as PKM and Hawk 12G. Additionally, Snow Footprints and Idle Freeze game mechanics are also added to the Snow Map, as well as water does not make player wade and is slippery and makes players fast instead of slow.

Dodge This

This update introduces the PKM and the Hawk 12G into the Woods mode.

Season 2 has arrived

Introduced the Saint Patrick Map along with the Rainbow Blaster, Growler, and Leprechaun Perk. The Survivr Pass 2 was also introduced.

To Measure is to Manage

Occurs in the Normal Map and reintroduces Eggs that can be found scattered across the map.

Fairly Lethal

Introduces the new Lasr Swrds event, along with Mines, Space Crates, Lasr Guns, Lasr Swrd, and Pulse Boxes.


Takes place on the Desert Map, the

Cinco de Ammo event was introduced along with Piñatas and Gunchiladas.


Introduced the new Ultimate Sacrifice event that takes place on the 50v50 Map. Commanders spawn with a DEagle 50 instead of a Flare Gun, are given the A Good Cause mechanic which shoots a flare upon the Commander's death, and the Bubbleshield mechanic which triggers a shield upon the commander's death. Poppies can also be found on the river shore which regenerate a small amount of health when broken.

Storm Mode

Adds the Storm Mode with strong winds that influences movement depending on the direction. Rivers also further slow down movement and deadly lightning strike occur frequently.


Mostly limited-edition weapons were introduced in Desert Rain and Into the Woods.

Desert Rain

Into the Woods

Gunfight at the Deadeye Saloon

Turkey Shoot

Snow-covered Island

Incursion Recursion

Danger close

Awesome blossoms

Rotato potato

Hunt or be hunted

Pills here

Your tuber is here

Scouting ahead

The perks of being a survivr

.45 In The Chamber

Trick or treat

Stay classy

Sound the change

Free Fryer

Stay Frosty

Dodge This

Season 2 has Arrived

Fairly Lethal


Usually, one special skin appears in select events, although in the Happy Spookiversary event, plenty were added.


Happy Spookiversary

Trick or treat