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Easter eggs were a temporary addition to the game added on April 1st, 2018 for the "Egg-stravaganza" They resemble small, colored eggs, and can be broken, like crates. When broken, they will always drop one Skin, which can be worn like regular clothing. All of the clothing represent an Obstacle in the game, such as the Tree, Bush, Barrel, Crate and Rock. There are other rarer variants, such as soviet crate and table.

If a player is shot with one of these clothing's equipped, it will make the same sound of that Obstacle being shot at.

If a player is killed with the one of those clothing equipped, it will have the effect of that item being destroyed (e.g. Explode as Barrel, Extra loot as Crate). The barrel skin also reflects bullets, and smokes when you are near death.


  • If you have a Crate, Soviet Crate, or Grenade Crate, position yourself somewhere on the map as to induce players to approach you. If you worry someone is doing this to you, check the minimap to see if there would be a real crate there, or shoot it. If it doesn't shrink, keep up the attack.
  • Bush Wookie skins are also useful, as mid-late game players will hide under you. This can also be foiled if a player checks his/her minimap to see if you are fake or real (this can be countered by standing on a destroyed bush). Bullets however, will not pass through you.
  • Bush Wookiee skins and tree skins all are a bit see through, which you can tell with a 1x or 2x scope.
  • As of April 2nd, these have been removed from the game.
    • The update removing it is called Hard Boiled.