Bunker Layout


The entrance to the bunker

Screenshot 2018-04-28 at 11.58.08 AM
Bunker without covering trees.

Bunker Entrance without trees.

The Egg Bunker is the first bunker added to the game, introduced in the Mansion update (otherwise known as "Downwards Is The Only Way Forwards " update).


Egg bunkers are always located in grassy areas of the island. There is only one entrance and exit that is located in the center of three trees (similar to the Hydra Bunker's secret entrances.)


There is a simple stairway with a metal door at the end that leads to a single room. There is a special crate in the center of the room, alongside some explosive Barrels.


The special crate drops the same loot every time.


This is what you will encounter in every game when there are no events going on.

Into the Woods

In the Into the Woods event, there was slightly different loot.


  • The Egg Bunker is frequently used to ambush players. People can camp inside and see people coming down the stairs. The players themselves cannot peer into the bunker, and therefore will be surprised when you fire upon them as they open the door.
    • However, some players may check for hostiles as they enter the bunker by throwing down Frag Grenades


  • The crate in the Egg Bunker was the first crate in the game to have consistent loot.

Some bunkers are the entrance to the Hydra Bunkers