The Docks as it looks from the map

The Docks is a significant Building within added in the v0.4.0 "Log and load" update on June 2, 2018. Located always on the shoreline, the area is very well known due to its size, quantity of loot, and the fact that it has an increased chance to spawn an SV-98.


The Docks has 3 Blue Warehouses, 2 Green Shacks and a bunch of shipping containers (Amount Varies). Every container has a 1/26 chance to be a Gold Container, with each of them containing 4/8x Scope, and the SV-98. It also can contain two Golden Containers, though really rare. Also note that you cannot go inside red shipping containers.

Screenshot (61)

Golden Container with SV-98, its ammo, and an 8x scope.


  • For quick preparation, just grab some stuff from the shipping containers and ready yourself for a fight.
  • Because the Docks is on the edge of the island, the red zone will quickly reach it. Leave the docks a little early if you do not want to take damage.
  • A lot of people come here, which is why a huge fight always breaks out. If you are not confident in your fighting skills, do not go here!
  • Be especially cautious around shipping containers, as there are so many and they have good loot, attracting people to go inside. Plus, you cannot tell who's inside them because most of the containers do not have a crack in them.