Designated Marksman Rifles, or DMRs for short, is a type of Weapon in that may be used most efficiently at mid-range and long range. They have high accuracy and range, making them similar to Sniper Rifles (one could even consider a few of these rifles to be sniper rifles). However, unlike sniper rifles, they have a much higher rates of fire, larger magazine sizes, and somewhat lower damage. Their bullet velocities are much slower as well. A good trigger finger, as well as great aim, is absolutely needed for these guns. All are of the DMRs are semi-automatic. There are currently only 3 DMRs in game. Often people think that the M1 Garand is a Sniper Rifle, but it is actually a DMR.


Image Name Ammo Damage Fire Rate Description
Loot-weapon-m39 128px
M39 EMR 7.62mm (Blue) 24.5 5 The M39 EMR is a marksman rifle and has a much higher rate of fire than Snipers such as the Mosin-Nagant and SV-98, but deals less damage. Much like the Mosin, when standing still, it is 100% accurate. However, while moving, this gun has a little spread.
Mk 12 SPR 5.56mm (Green) 19 6.7 The Mk 12 SPR is a semi-automatic marksman rifle. The Mk 12 SPR sports a lower damage per shot than the M39 EMR though that is made up for by the faster fire rate. The Mk 12 SPR has the same accuracy as the Mosin-Nagant
M1 Garand 7.62mm (Blue) 32 5 The M1 Garand is a Golden Airdrop weapon and is very similar to the other DMRs. The M1 Garand, has a bullet speed in between the Mk 12 SPR and M39 EMR, but has much more damage balanced by a max mag of only 8. The M1 Garand has first shot accuracy, and has a delay of 0.20 seconds between firing and has a little spread if a player moves while firing.