The Coral Guise is a Skin in that was added in the v0.4.0 "Log and load" update in June 2, 2018.


The Coral Guise has bright pink hands, a pink body, and a peach backpack.


The Coral Guise is an uncommon skin that has a 50% chance to be found in the Conch Bunker, and a rare chance to be found in a Bunker Crate inside one of the Warehouses at the Docks.



Coral Guise suit shown, with a SCAR-H

  • The Coral Guise has about the same rarity as the Aquatic Avenger, also added in the same update.
  • Up until the Conch Bunker update, the Coral Guise was extremely rare. With the Conch Bunker update, the rarity has lessened.
  • The Aquatic Avenger and Coral Guise were both released in the exact same update.
  • These were the first skins that represented any aquatic environment.
  • The Coral Guise represents coral, a plant that is found in the oceans.