Red Container

A red container

Shipping Container

A one-way container with a hole in it

Containers are small, indestructible rectangular Buildings which reflect shots.

There are four types of containers:

  • Blue containers: These containers have one or two entrances and spawn with loot. They may spawn independently on the map or on the docks.
    • Blue containers with one opening may have a hole on the roof, which allows you to see what is inside.
  • Red containers: These containers only spawn on the docks. They are empty and cannot be entered.
  • Gold containers: These containers will occasionally spawn on the docks. They have one opening and are guaranteed to contain the SV-98, along with 20 blue ammo and a scope (4x or 8x).
  • Grey containers: These containers spawn as part of the Conch Bunker. The end facing away from the sea will have an opening and the other end will have a ladder leading to the bunker itself.
    • Grey containers feature root-like structures growing out of the end facing the sea. These are purely aesthetic and have no effect on the player.
      A two way container

      A two-way container


Gold container


  • Hiding inside a blue or gold container is an extremely bad idea, as your opponent can shoot through the opening(s) and easily kill you with ricochets.
    • However, hiding behind a container is a good idea, as it is indestructible and large enough to run around if being chased.


  • Almost anything can be found inside of blue containers except for weapons exclusive to gold airdrops and clothing exclusive to a building. Those include: Royal Fortune, The New Black, The Initiative, Jesters Folly, Casanova Skills, Aquatic Avenger, Coral Guise, Falling Star , Celestial Garb, Island Time, and Water Elemental.
  • Gold containers contain the SV-98, along with 20 blue ammo and a scope (4x or 8x).


  • There was a bug where Jester's Folly could rarely spawn in a container.
Conch Container

One of the containers for the entrance to the Conch Bunker