Inside of the Conch Bunker

The Conch Bunker is a bunker submerged in the ocean. It was added in the v0.4.2 "Sun's out, guns out" update on June 21, 2018. This is the second ocean-themed building, the other being the Docks. It's almost as big as the Storm Bunker. This bunker, due to it being a little bit more difficult to find, but not less popular.


The two entrances


There are two entrances for the Conch Bunker. Both are shipping containers with regular wooden crates sitting next to them. One of these containers are located in the sand while the other is in the grass. The containers are also more darkly tinted, close to black.


The Conch Bunker can be easily located in the map unlike the Storm Bunker. Follow these steps to locate this bunker:
Screen Shot 2018-06-22 at 11.12.07 PM
  1. Find two containers that are near a beach. One container must be on the sand while the other has to be on the grass (somewhat diagonal to each other.)
  2. Make sure the two containers have regular Crates next to them.
  3. Make sure the two are facing the ocean.
  4. If there are 2+ of the following 1 and 2, look at the spaces between the containers. Use logic to figure out how big the bunker would be. For this map, its the top pair of circled shipping containers. You also have to see if there is a crate and a barrel next to each shipping container.

One of the entrances to the Conch Bunker



The main room.

One entrance has a simple hallway leading to the bunker with an item sitting on the floor. The other has three lockers on the side. Both lead to a central room.

The central room contains four crates (one being a Conch Crate), two Barrels, computer terminals and a Fire Extinguisher which, when broken, will pour out smoke that covers a large portion of the room. There are also pipes running along the ceiling. You cannot break them, but you can hide under them, like tables (although they're not really big enough.)

Players are also submerged in water in the main room, so you will travel slower.


Conch Bunker air Vent

The air vent on the conch bunker

  • The Conch Bunker and the Crossing Bunker are the only buildings that are have water in their interiors.
  • This is the only bunker with a grid air vent. It was probably ment to keep the water out but failed, proving why the main room is filled with water.
    Conch Bunker steam

    The air vent with steam coming out.


    The entrance