A Bush is a common obstacle that spawns randomly throughout the map.

You can pass through bushes, making them very good spots to hide.


The Bush is used for hiding purposes and can be broken if shot or punched at. It can also be found in houses as a decoration. If you want to use bushes to your advantage you can hide in a bush and wait for enemies with a shotgun. A bush could also be used to heal teammates secretly without being seen by other players. Bushes do not fully hide the player as they are not fully opaque.

  • If you have a Ghillie Suit, hide in a bush with an MP220, M1100, or Saiga-12. When someone walks past, LIGHT EM UP!
    • Grenades also work VERY well for this purpose, because they usually kill without fail.
  • Unless you have a ghillie suit, Don't think you're completely invisible when hiding in these plants, any player can still see you if they take a good second look.
    • A good, second, verrrrrryyyyyy cloooooosssseeee look. Usually they’d have to know your there to see you.
  • Hiding in bushes in late game is not recommended, as the play area gets smaller and players most likely have good scopes that can see you go into a bush.
  • Inexperienced players tend to hide in bushes more.
  • Most noobs don’t know wreaths, leaf piles, etc contain loot, so most loot is still there in the beginning to mid-game. As bandages, ammo, and armor can be found, this is good.


Type Picture Found Special Event
Normal Bush
Grass, Most Buildings N/A Normal
Lily Pad
Rivers N/A Normal
Berry Bush
Grass Contains an item underneath Normal
Lotus Flower Sometimes inside Mansion garden N/A Normal
Desert (Grass) N/A Desert
Leaf Pile
Grass Contains an item underneath Woods
Wreath Bush
Wreath Bush
Snow (Grass) Contains an item underneath. Winter
  • Triple bush

    An extremely rare example of three bushes overlapping.