Bunkers are underground hideouts in, located across the map. There are seven bunkers in the game: The Hydra Bunker, the Conch Bunker, the Storm Bunker, the Crossing Bunker, the Hatchet Bunker, the Eye Bunker, the Egg Bunker, and Chrysanthemum Bunker.

The bunkers are all made out of metal, meaning bullets can bounce off their walls, making them highly dangerous to fight in. They also have their logo appearing somewhere in the bunker.

Hydra Bunker


Hydra Logo

The Hydra Bunker is both the largest bunker in the game. It has multiple entrances and 7 automatic doors, 2 leading into rooms with lockers, as well as the main entrance. This building is home of the Vector. In the changelog, it says its the second largest bunker so we may expect a larger bunker in the future.

Conch Bunker


Conch Logo

The Conch Bunker is a bunker submerged in the sea. It was added in the recent "Sun's Out, Guns Out" update. The entrances are in two grey shipping containers on the beach.

This is the third sea themed building, the other two being the docks and the hut. It's almost as big as the Storm Bunker.

Storm Bunker


Storm Logo

The Storm Bunker is a medium-sized bunker hidden in a shack. It rare to find and disguised. You can find a hatchet case or a weapons chest in the control room, as well as a Bunker Crate. The entrance of the bunker was designed by Firehoax.

It has a 90% chance for a chest to spawn and a 10% chance for a hatchet case

Egg Bunker


Egg Logo

The Egg Bunker, aka a regular bunker, is a secret underground room, with the entrance hidden under a triangle of trees. It consists of a small metal room containing a barrel and a bunker crate.

While the actual bunker is underground and does not appear on the minimap, it can be found by searching the map for a triangle of large, equally spaced trees.

Crossing Bunker


Crossing Logo

The Crossing Bunker is the second largest bunker in the game. It is one of the few buildings that may not spawn in the game. It can only be found in big rivers by locating a gray square on the map. It has four entrances and a locker exclusive to the bunker.

It also contains a control panel that opens up a small storage area which gives you a wood axe to clear the way for the fourth entrance.

Hatchet Bunker


Hatchet Logo

The Hatchet bunker is a medium-large sized event bunker with four rooms only appearing in the "Into the Woods" update.

The only entrance is a flight of stairs found in the lumber camp inside a Shack next to the Blue Warehouse.

The bunker contains a Hatchet Crate that can drop either a USAS-12, an M249, or a BAR.

It also contains two glass windows, each blocking your way to three different skins.

Eye Bunker

The Eye Bunker is a small sized bunker and was added into the game during the v0.6.4 "Happy Spookiversary" limited time event on October 29, 2018 and during the v0.6.71"If a bunker opens in a forest ..." on update of December 6, 2018.

In Halloween mode, there was only one entrance, and it was marked by a bright red rectangle on the map. There was a stump next to the entrance that was marked by three blood stains leading from the entrance of the bunker to the stump. In the bunker, you need to press 6 controls panels in following order to open the vault: Egg, Hydra, Storm, Conch, Crossing and Hatchet. In the vault, you could find:

In Woods mode, the entrance could be opened with your teammates help by pressing 3 red stumps with logos (Sun, Moon and Lightning), that was arranged to triangle. First lock was removed next day by devs, because no one cooperates. In the bunker, you need to press 10 controls pannels in following order to open the vault: Swine, Hydra, Crossing, Hatchet, Harpsichord, Caduceus, Egg, Storm, Cloud and Conch. In the vault, there always was a Stone Hammer.

Chrysanthemum Bunker

The Chrysanthemum Bunker is a medium-sized bunker that was added in the Community Collage update.

Its entrance is found in the Greenhouse, leading to a first room where there are lockers and a simple puzzle. The next room, unlocked by that puzzle, has twelve planters that, when used in order, unlocks a vault where the Katana and Imperial Seal could be found. Then you can brake the "4th" wall (it's 2nd) with Stone Hammer and find the Biome Control Room.

List of Bunkers

Additionally, Bunkers have ID numbers, and some have been found in lore documents and other sources released by on varuios social media platforms. There are 17 bunkers in total as proven by the description of this video, as well as the video at the time linked to. Many have not been released in game. Missing data is unknown values. It is unknown which ID is the Eye Bunker.

Bunker ID Bunker Name Bunker Logo Image Bunker Purpose/Other Info*
1 Headquarters
2 Swine Logo-swine
3 Hydra Logo-hydra
4 Crossing Logo-crossing
5 Hatchet Logo-hatchet
6 Harpsichord *
7 Caduceus Logo-caduceus
8 Egg Logo-egg
9 Cloud *
10 Storm Logo-storm
12 Conch Logo-conch
15 Meteor Logo-meteor
16 Chrysanthemum Logo-chrysanthemum
17 Fowl


  • if you run into the door while it’s closed, items and players will show up before the ceiling shows up. Same for when you back away far enough, the ceiling will vanish before the players and items do. So if you are afraid someone will be waiting for you with a shotgun, run into the door and back up until the ceiling disappears, then repeat. If you do it fast enough, you will see what’s inside the bunker door. May take some practice. Only works for non-automatic doors.
  • Inside the bunker combat is messy, the best weapons are high fire rate and spray ‘n pray weapons like the dual G18C, MAC-10, Vector, M416, etc.
  • If you are missing a weapon, try locating an Egg Bunker. They are very easy to find and are usually not looted.